You’ve probably heard of fitness bootcamps. These usually involved intense physical trainings over a few days or even a week or two.

I’ve recently went for a “bootcamp” of a different sort: one for my skin. Like a fitness bootcamp, I have to stick to a strict regimen by going through three standard facial programmes that are to be completed within one week. And like a bootcamp, it pushes my skin’s potential to become stronger and healthier.

Estheclinic facade

I’m talking about the “3 Days to Instant Youth” Intensive Anti-ageing Programme by EstheClinic, a beauty clinic that started in France over 20 years ago, and now with two outlets in Singapore.

How’s the programme like?

The aesthetics treatment protocol goes like this:

Step 1: Thermo-controlled Radiofrequency

EstheClinic_3 Days to Instant Youth_ Thermo-controlled Radiofrequency Treatment

The session begins by stimulating collagen production, so that skin’s firmness is improved, with the help of RF technology, which is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin. This step tightens skin as it shrinks, and you’ll be able to visibly notice firmness. There is a slightly warm sensation on the skin when this is happening, which actually feels rather comforting instead of irritating.

Step 2: Micro-needling Booster

Eladerm DermaBooster with Serum

The Eladerm Le DermaBooster used in Step 2 and Eladerm CosmeLED Le Sérum used in Step 3.

A micro-needling device that’s designed by EstheClinic, the Eladerm Le DermaBooster helps stimulate the skin further and inducing the production of collagen and elastin at the same time. This step is important because it helps make sure active ingredients from topical skincare products are able to penetrate deeply into the skin. This may not be the most comfortable part of the treatment, but it’s very bearable.

Step 3: Intensive Rejuvenation

The Eladerm CosmeLED Le Sérum, which is fortified with active anti-ageing ingredients, is then applied to the skin. This lightweight serum helps with cell rejuvenation, and contains chlorophyll, which is a powerful antioxidant to protect skin cells from free radicals.

Step 4: LED Photomodulation

EstheClinic_3 Days to Instant Youth_LED Photomodulation

Now it’s time to activate the chlorophyll from the previous step – with light, of course. This cold light treatment isn’t like your usual laser treatment that can be irritating to skin and leave behind redness. This is a painless light that is able to penetrate deep into skin to further stimulate the production of collagen and elastin so that skin cells are regenerated. Your eyes will be further protected during this time so there won’t be any discomfort at all, despite the bright light.

Step 5: Nourish and Protect

Eladerm Lifting and firming anti aging creme, 50ml, $100

Finally, the Eladerm CosmeLED La Crème is applied to the skin to nourish and protect skin. It also offers intense hydration and antioxidant benefits to the skin.

The first and third session of the “3 Days to Instant Youth” Anti-ageing Programme will include all the five steps mentioned above, and each session lasts for 75 minutes approximately. The second session doesn’t include the Thermo-controlled Radiofrequency treatment and takes about 45 minutes to complete.

How do I feel?

I enjoyed spending time at EstheClinic (I went to the Tras Street outlet) because it feels very cosy despite being very spacious. The ambience relaxes me quickly, and I like that the therapists are very gentle with my skin. The treatments are also painless and pose no downtime at all.


The first session felt very promising, but right after my second session, I started seeing a few tiny bumps that look like pimples appearing on my right cheek. I am not usually prone to pimples so having a few zits coming out all at the same time is big news to me. I have no idea if the treatment has anything to do with the bumps, but I can’t help but wonder if the intensity of the treatments are irritating my skin a bit. Nonetheless, I persisted. And after the third session, the bumps got bigger and redder.

I was told that the benefits of the treatment would continue and in some cases, may even manifest in better results in time to come, instead of right after the treatments. So I decided to be patient.

The below photos give you a glimpse of how my skin looked like before the treatment and two weeks after the treatment (the bumps have subsided after a week, yay!)

estheclinic 3 day programme

Left: Before treatments. Right: 2 weeks after treatments

I wouldn’t say that the three-day programme has delivered very significant improvements to my skin, perhaps because I don’t have very obvious problems in the first place. But from these two photos, I can see that my pores look more refined, and my skin tone looks a lot more even and brighter. If these are the two areas you would like to target, the programme would benefit you.

I wished the treatments had done more to smoothen out the appearance of my marionette lines, which I have been very concerned about. I would have highly recommended this programme if it had helped with the lines.

“3 Days to Instant Youth” Intensive Anti-ageing Programme by EstheClinic costs SGD990 for three days’ of treatment, inclusive of the Eladerm cosmeceutical skincare regimen (CosmeLED Le Sérum + CosmeLED La Crème + Le Dermabooster) for you to continue to care for your skin at home. It’s at SGD1160 for the full Face and Neck package. You can repeat this three-day programme every two to six months, depending on your skin’s conditions.

EstheClinic is located at 72 Tras Street (near Exit A of Tanjong Pagar MRT Station) and 44 Rochester Park (near Bouna Vista MRT Station).