If you think about it, of all the beauty-related care and colours that we slather on ourselves, a good manicure is the only one we can constantly look at – you can’t be looking into the mirror to admire your new lipstick all the time!

So getting a cheery colour on the nails certainly makes a good way to brighten up the day. There’s something rather uplifting about staring at your beautifully-manicured nails as you type away on the keyboard during work.

The following nail look was done with Exposed’s Tangerine Dream and Peach Melba.

exposed nail lacquer tangerine dream, peach melba

The consistency of these nail lacquers is smooth and it doesn’t smell. Exposed is actually free of three common toxins found in nail polishes – formaldehyde, touene and dibutyl phthalate, so it’s absolutely safe to use. It also dries easily and is an easy product to use, while providing great results.