Bring on the glitz and glamour. If there’s one more luxury you should indulge in before 2014 ends, this is it. We’re talking about the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Eyeshdow 5-Color Palette.


The collection comprises of 12 sophisticated colour palettes that are created for versatile usage. We love that all the palettes consist of dramatic, intense hues that can definitely amp up the eye makeup, as well as mid and lighter tones that can help contour and illuminate respectively.

Our favourites from the repertoire are these three: Pink Mink, Untamed Teal and Currant Desire.

estee-lauder-pure-color-envy-12 pink mink

Pink Mink checks all the right boxes as the perfect palette for a sexy day look. With hues that look flattering on most Asian skin tones, the harmonious shades can be worn easily even by a makeup novice.

estee-lauder-pure-color-envy-07 untamed teal
Untamed Teal will be a favourite among the adventurous. While the hero – teal – may look intimidating at first, the accompanying shades help to soften it, so it does not look overly-dramatic.


Currant Desire is the indisputable choice for an outstanding look. With orchid as the colour of the year for 2014, what better way to wind down this year with an eyeshadow palette like this?

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Beauty, Brawn & Brains

While these are eye candies, don’t be mistaken for a moment that they’re merely good-looking. These palettes are fortified with the Estee Lauder Advanced True Vision Technology that ensure that the pigments and pearls really pop and bring more dimension to your eye makeup look.

Texture-wise, the powder can be easily blended, gives a smooth finish that doesn’t crease easily. You can choose to apply this either dry or wet, depending on your preference and how dramatic you want the looks to be.

And of course, its gorgeous appearance doesn’t hurt. It deserves a place in our makeup kit and dresser because it is definitely a great companion for the upcoming party season.

Each eyeshadow palette retails at SGD80 and is available at all Estee Lauder counters, including its ION Orchard Boutique.