Promising to do a multitude of awesome things for your face, including de-puffing, toning up and improving circulation – little wonder that face rollers are the beauty tool of the moment. Fans of these rollers love these babies because not only are their benefits bountiful, these face rollers are also relatively easy to use.

After all, it really doesn’t take a great amount of skill to roll this over your face every night to reap great rewards.

What are face rollers?

Typically made of crystal or stone like rose quartz or jade, or a metal – these rollers are designed to gently roll over your face skin for a light yet satisfying massage. The stones used are chosen for their special properties that will bring benefits to the users. For example, rose quartz is supposed to uplift the spirits, while jade wards off negative energy

Some rollers have a bigger stone for rolling the face, and a smaller stone for massaging the delicate under eye area.

Yet other newer rollers even come equipped with batteries that promise automatic vibrations or solar powered microcurrents that do even more to tone up and improve the circulation of dull-looking skin.

This is no newfangled passing fad either. It seems that people have been using flat jade stones and crystals to massage their faces as early as the 7th century in China and the Middle Ages in India.

With cred like that, surely there’s surely basis to the practice, we think!

Benefits of using a face roller


In a nutshell, massaging your face with a roller or a tool helps improve circulation. It’s almost like getting a facial massage from a facialist, as some rollers mimic the finger kneading and pushing techniques that facialists use to help your face get it’s glow on.

So you can expect similar benefits from using a facial roller tool, such as feeling the tension from your facial muscles dribble away, toning the muscles up at the same time.

Lymphatic drainage is also another big benefit of using a face roller, as your facial lymph nodes are purged of built-up toxins thanks to the steady massaging movements of the roller on your face. This helps get rid of dreaded water retention in your face too, so the slimming and toning effects are amplified. Sounds awesome already, right?

Hold up, we’ve got three quick tips to help you get the most benefits from massaging your face with a roller!

Quick tips for using a face roller

  1. Roll upwards and outwards, from the neck up.
  2. Chill it in the fridge before use.
  3. Roll a serum or oil in for an even smoother experience and double the benefits!

15 best face rollers for every budget

Are all facial rollers created equal? Well the benefits of using a rose quartz versus a jade roller may seem to be purely aesthetic, those of us who wear crystals and know their properties will argue otherwise. But, one thing’s for sure: there’s a roller for every budget and preference out there for you now.

Whether you’re looking for a good old crystal roller with no frills attached, or you want a fancy roller that contours as it vibrates in your hand – we’ve got you covered.

Ahead, read on for 15 of our best picks of facial rollers among the many choices out there, many of which may seem identical at first glance.

1. RéVolve Contouring Massage Roller

1. RéVolve Contouring Massage Roller Splurge-worthy

Perfect as a gift to yourself, this tri-head roller promises a spa experience from the comfort of your home. Reviews swear by its magical de-puffing abilities, and we concur. After all, the science behind this smart tool is sound.

The cool Zamac metal (an alloy comprising zinc, aluminium, and magnesium) it’s made of maintains a consistently low temperature. A lovely treat on tepid evenings, if you ask us. Rolling this cool roller over our sticky faces not only destresses and relaxes tense face muscles, it also encourages thorough blood circulation as you roll it oh-so-gloriously across your cheeks.

As if these weren’t enough to get you to use it, it’s got a unique double-pronged top that’s specifically designed to sculpt the facial muscles upwards and drain fluids while at it. So, so clever.

Get it at approx S$275 (US$202.30) from Net-A-Porter.

2. Angela Caglia Vibrating Rose Quartz Face Sculpting Roller

2. Angela Caglia Vibrating Rose Quartz Face Sculpting Roller Loved by celebs

There are rose quartz rollers, and then there’s this utterly gorgeous rose quartz roller that vibrates automatically, and is apparently the face roller of choice for many a Hollywood celeb. (We hear Courtney Cox and Minne Driver are fans!)

Made from ethically sourced, top grade quartz from Brazil, and hand-cut and polished to rosy perfection, this roller is much sought after by those who love everything that Angela Caglia stands for.

What makes this roller such a cult-favourite is that it is able to vibrate at an astounding 6,000 sonic vibrations per minute, an intensity that will tone your face muscles right up. To put it right in perspective, it’s pretty similar to giving your face muscles a high intensity work out. Talk about flex!

Get it at S$267.35 from

3. Teresa Tarmey Gold-Plated Massage Tool

3. Teresa Tarmey Gold-Plated Massage Tool

Right out from the hands of one of London’s most in-demand facialists is this beautiful gold-plated facial massage tool by Teresa Tarmey. While this face roller looks undeniably gorgeous with its sleek brushed gold looks, it’s not simply pretty on the outside without delivering on the goods.

Plated with antibacterial 24k gold, this massager is specially engineered for targeted contour-sculpting and lymphatic drainage.

The result? Brighter and tighter skin with noticeably less puffiness – almost instantaneously! It also works well to massage serums in for maximum absorption and maximum benefits. Totally worth the splurge (and the spot on our beauty tables, if you ask us!)

Get it at approx S$169 (US$124.27) from Net-A-Porter.

4. Skin Gym Face Sculptor

4. Skin Gym Face Sculptor

If a deep tissue facial massage sounds enticing, there’s always this Skin Gym facial roller you could get to enhance your at-home beauty routine. It’s got two metallic rollers that are perfectly designed and placed to give you just that sweet knead to release all the tense facial muscles, replicating a spa face massage to a T.

The deep kneading action is helpful in enhancing circulation, reducing puffiness and tightening the muscles. Getting your glow on has never been more satisfying.

Get it at S$121 from

5. Sarah Chapman Skinesis Facialift Roller

5. Sarah Chapman Skinesis Facialift Roller Spa-like experience

Heard lots about a facial by British celebrity facialist Sarah Chapman and wanted to give it a try someday? This amazing little roller will turn that hypothetical someday into reality, right from the comforts of your own home.

Looking not quite like your average facial roller with its eight heads and 48 massaging modules, this roller is apparently the real deal in mimicking the unique tapping, pinching, and knuckling of Sarah Chapman’s highly-raved about Skinesis facial technique.

As for results, they’re as glowing as your face will be. De-puffing, brightening, toning are all par for the course, as toxins are drained from your face, and oxygen flow is supercharged.

PS: We even read a review of how this roller helps reduce the tension caused in the jaw by night teeth grinding. Can we hear a wow?

Get it at S$54 from LookFantastic.

6. Grace & Stella Rose Quartz Facial Roller

6. Grace & Stella Rose Quartz Facial Roller

If you’re looking for a roller with none of the frills, this rose quartz one is a good bet. Made from genuine rose quartz, it rolls like a dream across your face, improving circulation and closing pores with every gentle glide.

A simple act like that truly goes a long way in reducing anxiety and lifting your mood, as you feel the tension leave your facial muscles. It’s best used with a serum or facial oil, pulling double duty as it massages your face muscles to relax it whilst helping your skin absorb the product more evenly.

Also, in case you’re wondering, rose quartz is known for its feel-good properties. We definitely feel good using this face roller for many reasons!

Get it at S$27.92 from iHerb.

7. ReFa Carat Ray Massager

7. ReFa Carat Ray Massager Splurge-worthy

With two platinum-coated rollers that will knead your face almost like a facialist will, this massaging roller is one handy tool to have at home for sure. As with all face rollers, doing this right will result in less puffy, more radiant and former skin.

What’s even more impressive, it’s powered by solar energy to generate microcurrents that are emitted as you massage your face. These microcurrents are a classic case of it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist if you can’t feel it – fans of this sleek silver tool rave about the visible effects on their faces after weeks of committed usage.

Get it at S$380 from ReFa and

8. Honey Belle Black Obsidian Roller

8. Honey Belle Black Obsidian Roller

Pitch black and extremely chic, and said to boost your confidence and reduce anxiety, is there any other reason to choose obsidian as your face roller of choice? Obsidian is a volcanic stone, and it retains warmth like no other.

This property makes it a great choice to massage blemish-prone skin as its relaxing warmth stimulates the lymphatic system. We hear it’s best used warmed instead of chilled, to maximise its innate ability to draw tension out from the skin.

If rose quartz, amethyst, or jade are more your kind of stones, you can get those instead – this roller is available in those as well.

Get it at S$50.26 from iHerb.

9. Sephora Collection Massager Globes

9. Sephora Collection Massager Globes Great for de-puffing

Perfect for puffy eyes after one-too-many late nights, especially when you use it ice-cold, straight out of the fridge. It’s pure delight on your skin, cooling it right down as you roll the chilled globes over your tired face.

The cold globes feel oh-so-good on aching temples and a stiff neck, helping to bring tension levels where you usually feel the pains from a whole day of sitting upright at your computer, right down with minimal effort.

Rolling these under your eyes will also de-puff them beautifully – massage an eye cream in for double the treat.

PS: Only pop these globes into the fridge and not the freezer, so they don’t crack.

Get it at S$38 from

10. Mount Lai Tension Melting Massager

10. Mount Lai Tension Melting Massager

Rooted in the long-cherished practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine is this dual-headed massage tool from Mount Lai. The two roller heads are positioned at the precise angle to sculpt your cheekbones and jawline, expertly working through the knots and adhesions in your facial muscles with just a simple roll on your part.

Rolling this nightly also does wonders to drain the lymphatic system, clearing toxins and coagulations like an absolute dream. Comes in balancing Jade and soothing Rose Quartz – they’re both such calming options, you can’t go wrong either way.

Get it at S$132 from

11. Kitsch Ice Roller

11. Kitsch Ice Roller

There’re pretty stone rollers and then there’s this metallic face roller that works equally effectively at de-puffing and improving the blood circulation on your face with every ice-cold roll.

The cold will pull double duty – helping blood flow smoothly throughout, and especially into your cheeks, giving you a cute rosy blush that’s radiant and luminous to boot; and providing a major dose of relaxation.

Pop this into the fridge after every use so that it has plenty of time to chill out before your next use. That feeling of rolling an ice-cold roller on your face after a long day at work is simply heavenly.

Get it at S$25.13 from iHerb.

12. Mei Apothecary Germanium Wand

12. Mei Apothecary Germanium Wand

Looking a tad different from its other roller counterparts on this list is this wand roller that rolls upright. Yep, really! We’re not splitting hairs on how it rolls though – all you need to know is it rolls smoothly to release all the tension on your face and bring some life back into tired skin.

Inlaid with 20 germanium stones to add a little boost of energy as you roll this over your face, you’ll find yourself reaching for this over and over again as part of your nightly beauty routine!

It also certainly doesn’t hurt that you’ll notice your face getting a great perk-me-up lift when you use this gem-studded roller. Worth every roll, we say.

Get it at S$44.67 from iHerb.

13.  CkeyiN Electric Face Roller

13. CkeyiN Electric Face Roller Most affordable

What’s better than a facial roller? A two-in-one face roller and electric face brush, that’s what. The silicone face brush is a familiar sight for many of us (hi Foreo or Luna fans!) and works pretty much the same way as those cult favourites.

On the other end of the device are the two biaxial ball rollers, in a gorgeous shade of rose gold to top it all off. Roll away your water-retention induced puffiness, fine lines, and dull skin with ease, your skin will totally love the treat.

Get it at S$11.21 (usual price S$28.90) from Lazada.

14. Skin Gym Crystal Roller

14. Skin Gym Crystal Roller

If you’re looking for a crystal roller other than rose quartz or jade, this range by Skin Gym is calling your name. Made from real stone that’s weighty and cool all at once, you’ll be looking forward to your bedtime face rolling session all day.

The tension legitimately melts away as you roll this over those muscles, smoothening out tight frowns and twitching nerves alike. This one comes in clear quartz, blue sodalite, and amethyst options too, on top of the usual rose quartz and jade that most rollers are made of.

Pro tip: wipe the stone down with a damp cloth after every use, don’t wash it under running water lest the metal parts rust.

Get it at S$84 from

15. Nudeskin 4-In-1 Rosegold Professional Skin Tool Set

15. Nudeskin 4-In-1 Rosegold Professional Skin Tool Set Most comprehensive

All the tools you need for your best skin are in this pretty set of four rose gold hued tools. While they’re all pretty nifty when used together for a home spa experience, we are most interested in the rose quartz face roller here.

A collaboration between Nudeskin and Beauty Magnet, this is made from durable rose quartz that remains cool even as outside temperatures soar. What this means is that it’s perfect for nightly massages that will help ease all the muscle stiffness, jog along lymphatic drainage, and improve blood circulation for radiant skin when you get out of bed the next morning.

As an added plus, you won’t be losing any of these tools anytime soon. They’re magnetic and keep beautifully together!

Get it at S$83 from

Featured image credit: (L) @skingymco/Instagram, (R) @thebeautyspyclass/Instagram