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It’s never easier to discover new places to eat, keep fit or pamper yourself now – and at a steal. We discovered the Fave app, which gives you discounted offers on restaurants, cafes, spas, salons, gyms, and fitness studios, of up to 70% off. We tried out the app to see whether it’s as great as it describes.

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Is the Fave app good?

After downloading the app and registering, we were brought to this screen, where we choose whether we want to view eat, Fit or Pamper deals first.

fave screenshot 1

As beauty enthusiasts, we went straight to the Pamper tab and was able to filter the options according to our preference: the type of service we were interested in, the price range according to our budget, and how near we would like it to be to us.
fave screenshot 8

Once the filters are added, we get a short-list of all the relevant deals available. We noticed that the deals are from well-known merchants with good reputations, and they are offering very attractive deals!

Look at this – a hair spa treatment with wash and blow service at just SGD28 (savings of SGD367!), laser facial at just SGD38 (savings of SGD250!), and anti-ageing facial at SGD50 (savings of SGD238!)

What a steal!

fave screenshot 3

When you have selected the deal you’re interested in, you can immediately make an appointment. The process is quite seamless.

booking sessions on fave app

We then checked out the Eat tab, which also comes with an easy-to-use filter to help us with short-listing the multitudes of deals available.

fave screenshot 4

If you often have problems deciding what to eat with your colleagues and friends, the Fave app may actually be the perfect solution, since you can find the best deals available at your area, and based on the cuisine you prefer.

fave screenshot 5

Finally, the Fit tab gives us great after-work workout options that allow us to try out new places we might not otherwise know of, and hopefully can help us settle on a gym or studio that we love enough to keep going to.

fave screenshot 6

Just like the Pamper and Eat deals, they’re very affordable as well. And like the Pamper deals, you can book your fitness sessions through the app.

fave screenshot 7

What can we get with SGD100?

We gave ourselves a challenge to see what we can afford with SGD100 and this is what we got:

fave deals featured 2

Wash, cut & blow: SGD38
3-course lunch: SGD33
Yoga class: SGD29
Total: SGD100

Our verdict? This app is rather addictive because of the massive number of deals available, which make us unable to stop browsing. We also like that the filter function helps us to short-list easily, and we are able to make appointments immediately for Pamper and Fit sessions.

Fave can be downloaded from Google Play Store and App store. Find out more on their website.

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