Floraiku Singapore Escentials

When we first laid our eyes on the fragrances from FloraÏku, we knew we were in love.

Floraiku Singapore Bento Box

FloraÏku fragrances are presented in a beautiful bento box.

And who could blame us – the fragrance is presented in a case inspired by a beautiful Japanese bento box, and each 50ml fragrance is accompanied by an intricately designed cap that also serves as a purse spray. The caps, in particular, are a sight to behold, featuring Japanese-style artwork. Take a look at it, we’re sure you’d sigh in amazement just as we did.

Its name, FloraÏku, is a combination of “flora” and “haiku” (a type of Japanese poetry). This is because each perfume is expressed as a haiku, engraved on the back of the bottle, from which it takes its name. Like the haiku, you can look forward to FloraÏku fragrances that have short but memorable compositions.

Floraiku Singapore Enigmatic Flowers

Fragrances from the Enigmatic Flowers collection

Floraiku Singapore Secret Teas Spices

Fragrances from the Secret Teas and Spices collection

Floraiku Singapore Forbidden Incense

Fragrances from the Forbidden Incense collection

There are three collections in all: Enigmatic Flowers, Secret Teas and Spices, and Forbidden Incense, inspired by three important Japanese ceremonies, floral ceremony (ikebana ceremony), tea ceremony (o cha ceremony), and incense ceremony (kodo ceremony) respectively. Our personal favourites are the ones from the Secret Teas and Spices collection; they’re unique but very wearable.

Floraiku Singapore Shadowing

Shadowing fragrance from FloraÏku

The concept of “shadowing” completes the FloraÏku range. There is a light shadow – Sleeping on the Roof – that brings freshness to a fragrance, while the dark shadow – Between Two Trees – adds power. These two fragrances are designed to complement all FloraÏku fragrances and to be worn side by side, like a shadow.

FloraÏku fragrances are priced at SGD475 for the 50ml EDP and 10ml set and SGD100 for the 10ml Purse Spray Refill. FloraÏku’s fragrances and home collection are available at Escentials Paragon and escentials.com

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