Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve had an emotional connection to fragrance. Growing up in Russia, the only fragrance available was Red Moscow. Only the bravest women would find a way to get their hands on a forbidden French fragrance, my mother included. The idea that any woman could be beautiful at any moment through fragrance had a lasting a lasting impression on me. Fragrance became my artistic medium, the way I experienced the world and organised my memories. Fragrance is my way if sharing a piece of my soul with the world, each fragrance is a chapter of my sensorial diary.” – Lev Glazman, Fresh Co-founder.


Well known for its natural skincare products, Fresh started as a fragrance brand and Lev Glazman, co-founder of the brand developed the new Fresh Life EDP decided, after 21 years in the business of fragrance development, that he wanted to create a scent that speaks about the brand. At the same time, this fragrance is his way of showing consumers a different way of looking at fragrances.

Fresh Life EDP was conceived. Instead of the usual three-level fragrance structure (top, heart, base notes), this fragrance is designed with four different compositions, namely earth, air, sun and water.

I awake in the early morning to the damp earth, cool and breathing beneath my toes. The fog curls across the pond like the softest cloud: the air is infused with a sweetness. As the rising sun spins everything into sparkling silk, I walk quietly into velvety water, taking are not to disturb the purity of this still moment. As I swim I imagine that I am flying, the water is my blue sky, full of hope and possibilities. I am revived. I am reinvigorated. I am Fresh.

This poetic prose describes the inspirations behind the four layers of compositions:

The Earth layer is reminiscent of a scented bed, brought to life with notes of Velvet Bergamot, Vanilla Grass and Dreamy Cypress.

The Air layer is laced with sweetness, thanks to the use of Grapefruit, Lilac Leaves and Transparent Magnolia in the concoction.

The Sun note reminds one of sparkling silk, and is bursting with invigorating notes of Silk Amber, Warm Orange and Tonka Flowers.

Finally the Water note represents the blue sky, using the accords of Sweet Cucumber, Sparkling Moss and Morning Dew.


Do We Like The Fresh Life EDP?


While it is an EDP, don’t expect this fragrance to be overpowering or intense. Far from it, the Fresh Life EDP feels like a gentle breeze that lingers on your skin. The experience with the perfume makes me feel as if I’m lying on fresh sheets, or maybe on a dew-filled field. It gives a clean sensation that’s so unpretentious and natural. This is definitely something I would want to wear to start a relaxing morning. It is also a fragrance that you can share with your man – he’s going to find it pleasant too.

The Fresh Life Collection consists of the 3.4oz Fresh Life Eau de Parfum (SGD144), 1oz Fresh Life Eau de Parfum (SGD80) and the Fresh Life Eau de Parfum Rollerball (SGD36). It will retail at Sephora from July 2014.