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Free radicals are probably the most damaging things to our skin, and are what cause the appearance of wrinkles in most people. The new Fresh eye cream aims to fight free radicals with seven potent ingredients, including lotus, an ingredient that has been used in eastern Asia as a traditional herbal medicine for centuries.


The new Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream is an early-age eye care solution that helps brighten, refresh and nourish the eye contours. The formula helps smooths out early signs of ageing around the eyes, as well as boost hydration.

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Most people who just started to look at upgrading their products to better prepare for their anti-ageing needs are likely to find the texture of this product very satisfactory. It has a velvety texture that easily melts into skin, leaving behind a refreshing sensation that isn’t oily or sticky. It also carries a subtle herbal scent that is easy to like. Its lightweight formula also delivers moisturising effect immediately to the eye area, perking it up so it looks more awake.

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The Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream retails at SGD69, together with other items in The Lotus Collection: Lotus Eye Gel (SGD94, and this is for fighting fatigue instead of first signs of ageing), Lotus Youth Preserve Radiance Lotion (SGD63), and the Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream (SGD81). The collection is available at the FRESH ION Orchard boutique and at Sephora.

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