I have more beauty products at home than I have shoes and clothes. Besides the fact that I’m a huge beauty junkie, it helps that I’m also a beauty editor.

But being exposed to so many beauty products also mean that I can be desensitized to them. It’s harder for me to get super excited over products’ appearance like I used to when I was just a elementary beauty junkie.


I surprised myself when I realised I feel “in love” with the appearance of the products from Fresh’s Rose Collection. Honestly, if I rationalise it, they aren’t anything special. But somehow I’m drawn to its understated appearance. It feels, pardon the pun, refreshing to me.

As we take the products out for a shoot, I notice just how photogenic they are. It could be the great camera I’m using, or the scenic environment I’m in. Nonetheless, this must be true love.

Is The Fresh Rose Collection Good?

But of course, to you, dear readers, I’m sure what matter most is whether the products are good.


What would probably attract you, as it did to me, is the rose scent that gives the collection its name. While Fresh is probably best known for its Sugar lip treatment, co-founder Lev Glazman really started off as a perfumer. So it is no surprise that addictive scents that offer a sensorial experience is at the heart of the brand.

The rose is the choice for this product because of its renowned hydrating, soothing, and toning benefits. Do you know that Cleopatra is known for using rose as the basis of all her beauty regimes?

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Besides the scent, the collection also offers hydrating formulas that are lightweight and are not at all oily. These are very important points for me, no thanks to the humid Singapore weather.

While the hydrating benefit helps to moisturise skin so fine lines due to dryness are visibly eliminated, I don’t see any potential in benefits like anti-wrinkle or firming in the long run, despite the collection’s claim to have anti-ageing properties. Rose, however, has antioxidant benefits, which can help with slowing down the appearance of signs of ageing. So if you’re looking for a basic range that is comfortable and hydrating on the skin, lifts your mood and uses natural ingredients, this may just be the right collection for you.

What Products Are In The Fresh Rose Collection?

Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream (SGD78)


An addition to the Rose Collection to make it more complete, this is a soothing eye gel cream that promises to provide 30 hours of continuous moisture. The hydrating formula also has antioxidant properties to protect and energise the eye area. The gel texture ensures that the formula gets absorbed quickly and has a instant refreshing effect to tired-looking eyes.

Rose Cleansing Foam (SGD63)


This is a rejuvenating face cleanser that’s great for all skin types. A soap-free formula, it’s infused with pure rosewater that has soothing properties. Gentle enough for daily use, this foaming cleanser doesn’t strip the skin of its natural moisture, while it thoroughly dissolve dirty and impurities.

Rose Floral Toner (SGD63)


This alcohol-free tone promises to moisturise skin for 24 hours and is designed to help prep skin for the serums and cream that you will apply next, as well as to set makeup. It comes with a spraying nozzle that can be replaced with a simple cap, so you can choose the way you prefer to use it (spraying it directly onto the skin or soaking it with a cotton pad). I will recommend using it to hydrate skin by spraying it onto your skin throughout the day as well, to refresh your skin.

Rose Hydrating Face Serum (SGD88)


This lightweight serum is fortified with rose flower oil and golden root extract, on top of rosewater, which is the key ingredient in this entire collection. Rose flower oil has a nourishing effect while golden root extract is said to provide moisture and has powerful antioxidant properties, which is a key benefit to fighting signs of ageing.

Rose Hydrating Gel Cream (SGD68)


A daily moisturiser that promises to deliver 24 hours of moisture, this product protects the skin from damage caused by pollution, and has a cooling and calming effect on the skin, thanks to the pure rosewater used in the formula. This feels especially soothing on the skin especially after extended hours of exposure to the sun.

Rose Face Mask (SGD95)


Ever wondered why a rose petal bath is good for the skin? It’s because rose is known for its ability to hydrate skin and restoring its radiance. Now you can have a rose petal spa for your face thanks to this product’s formula, which is infused with real rose petals. You’ll love how it melts into the skin and leaves a calming sensation after rinsing it off. The scent from the mask adds a mood-enhance quality to the experience of using it.

All products from the Fresh Rose Collection retail at Sephora now, except the Rose Hydrating Gel Cream, which will be available in Sephora from June 2014.

Photos are taken with a Nikon D3300.