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Besides cutting-edge skincare products, you might probably associate Elizabeth Arden with its offering of fragrances, with Red Door as a flagship classic. Fans of Elizabeth Arden’s fragrances can now look forward to a brand new one that’s to be launched next month – Untold – a luxurious and sophisticated scent for the modern woman.

Elizabeth Arden Perfume Set

This fragrance features notes such as Pink Pepper and Bergamot – both uplifting scents that makes one feel optimistic; Pear and Blackcurrant – fun and playful notes; Gardenia and Jasmine – romantic and sensual scents; Patchouli and Sandalwood – mysterious and sophisticated nuances; and Ambers and Mask – sensual and warm notes.

We’ve heard that women wear fragrance for themselves – to evoke the mood they want or to complement the dress they wear, but admit it or not, women also wear fragrances for their dates (or potential dates!)

This is why Kristen and Keith have separately reviewed the fragrance to tell you what they think of Untold from a woman’s and man’s perspective. (Psst, look out for more of such He Says, She Says articles! Let us know if you like it!)


Kristen Juliet Says:

Elizabeth Arden Untold Perfume1

I was first attracted to the packaging, that looks like a diamond, but a curved one. It’s elegant, pretty, and understated. Interestingly, the scent rounds up the feelings evoked by the packaging – it’s similarly one that’s luxurious and elegant.

The first spritz of the perfume opens with a heady scent that’s very invigorating. It’s sweet, slightly fruity and very refreshing. As the scent proceeds into its heart notes, it evolves into a smooth and elegant smell that I can imagine it complementing a long, flowing evening dress for a soiree. Finally, the base notes are comforting and warm, just as how you should probably feel after dancing and mingling at a party, and ready to go home to rest.

I’d definitely choose this fragrance for those days I want to feel feminine, for instance, when my beau is bringing me out for a special dinner at a nice, swanky restaurant; or for those days I want to exhibit my elegant side, perhaps when I’m hosting an important work event.


Keith Says:

Elizabeth Arden Perfume 2The shape of the bottle is definitely interesting and can probably be used as a decorative piece too if required. It looks normal on picture but when you get to see it physically, you will see the interesting curves it has.

When Kristen wore it, I was immediately attracted to its unique fragrance. Most female fragrances are either too fruity or flowery, but Untold has this special balance of both which made me attracted to it instantly.

I don’t usually ask Kristen what fragrance she was wearing, but Untold caught my senses and piqued my curiosity that I felt the need to get her to reveal what perfume she was using.

Untold is available at all Elizabeth Arden authorised counters from October 2013. The EDP Spray retails at SGD69 (30ml), SGD95 (50ml), SGD119 (100ml). You can also layer the fragrance with the Untold Body Lotion at SGD75 (200ml) and Shower Gel at SGD65 (200ml)