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Kristen says

Estetica has recently launched the ést.lab VitaLift A+ Multi-Wave Face Therapy. This is a 60-minute anti-ageing treatment that uses multi-polar radio frequency technology and red light therapy to help hydrate and lift stressed skin.

Visiting them at their Plaza Singapura outlet, I met my therapist, Alice, who observed that I have very thin skin that reveals my capillaries clearly. While I told her that I’ve done laser treatments with no bad effects, she advises that the Derma Calm Facial would probably be a better fit for me.

This is a facial treatment that’s designed for those with sensitive skin and helps to visibly brighten and hydrate skin immediately.



Lying down on Estetica’s bed, I noticed how comfortable it was. Alice pointed out that all their beds are designed to rest comfortably along the body contours. No wonder it feels so snug and comfortable!

The facial began with a thorough cleansing, followed by a scrub. Then, my face was steamed and Alice did some extraction – so gentle I actually could doze off in the process (well, I may just have a higher threshold for pain too, so don’t take my word for it).

What was interesting about the extraction wasn’t just that it was very gentle, it was also that she dab the areas that she extracted from with a cotton pad that’s soaked generously with toner. This ensures that the area feels cool and it helps to prevent any redness. This is why I walked out of the room later with no pain, redness or swelling on my face, unlike other beauty parlours I’ve been to.

A serum and massage cream were applied thereafter, and Alice proceeded with a soothing massage on my face and on my shoulders. Finally, a mask was applied on my face. After the cream mask was wiped off, the treatment concluded with moisturiser and sunscreen.

What I noticed right after the treatment is that my skin looks brighter. But what I’m more impressed with is that my nasolabial folds (laugh lines) are also less visible after that. I think it must be the super facial massage working its magic.

Keith says:

My skin was suitable for most treatments, and I was given a choice between the new ést.lab VitaLift A+ Multi-Wave Face Therapy or the Acne Biotic treatment. Alice highly recommended me to try the Acne Biotic treatment to treat my blackheads and acne scars.

Before we started the treatment, Alice did not only observed my skin visually as part of the consultation, she also used a machine to show me the difference between my trouble skin areas and the good skin areas. She also dished out beauty tips to me while analysing my skin, much to my delight. I’ve been to three other spas for facial before, and I’ve got to say this was very different. Most consultants used the “scare” tactic, while Estetica seem more consultative.


The difference did not stop at the consultancy stage. Even the treatment method was different unlike the other three that are very similar to each other. The extraction was not as painful as the skin has been softened and prepared by the hot steam (first time experiencing a hot steam for facial).

After extracting an area, she would use a cotton pad soaked with toner to place it on top of the extracted area like a mask. This helps to reduce redness on the face. Again, something I don’t experience at other spas.

What amazed me even more would be their attention to details. One of my biggest issues after facial is always messy hair, no thanks to the towel or hair band that is wrapped around the forehead to keep hair out of the way during the treatment. Estetica totally understands the customer experience, thus midway through the treatment, the towel was being undo to ensure my hair remains styled and manageable.

While I can’t tell the difference after one treatment, I’m truly awed by the technique, approach and meticulousness that Estetica embrace. Will I go again? Of course!

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