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Kristen and Keith visited the new Strip outlet at ION Orchard, located inside of Sephora. This new beauty paradise gives you access to the services by Strip and Browhaus (and well, because it is connected to Sephora, you can walk out and start shopping right after that, isn’t that great?)

They were there to try out Strip’s Brazilian waxing service (the men’s version is often referred to as a “Boyzilian” though the method is essentially the same.

It wasn’t Kristen’s first time but it was Keith’s virginal experience and he was a little excited and a little worried when they were at the outlet. Read on to find out what they think about the experience from a man’s and woman’s perspective.

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  1. Kristen Says:
  2. Keith says:

Kristen Says:

Since it wasn’t my first time doing the Brazilian waxing, I kind of already know what the drill is like – remove the underwear, clean myself up with a sanitised tissue and lay on the bed to wait for the wax expert.

While Brazilian waxing service is a very common beauty procedure, somehow there is still that slight awkwardness associated with it simply because someone who isn’t your gynae is going to look at your nether region very closely. However, my therapist has a knack at putting people at ease. Perhaps it’s her neutral expression, or maybe it’s how calming her voice is during the service. I even managed to chat freely with her while she was trimming my hair down-there. (Now I think about it, and I find it kind of funny if there were a video of the process – not that I will ever commission such a project).

“Here it comes!” my therapist will proclaim, whenever she knows that she’s reaching a more sensitive area. And then I’ll brace myself as she peels off the wax strip quickly.

I’m not going to lie and say that it wasn’t painful at all. Because it is! It’s obviously not common for anyone to subject as much pain on your private parts. However, the pain is definitely bearable, at least for me. And it only gets progressively bearable as you do it more often. I’m not sure if it’s because the hair gets loosened more easily or that you’re more used to the sensation.

I guess it also helps that Strip uses scented wax – Strawberry and Chocolate – which smells so yummy that it anesthetised some of the pain. You know, how can there be anything but joy in candyland?

After the process, she applied Ice Cream on my freshly-waxed skin after the service. No, it’s probably not edible, but is a post-treatment cream that contains Methol Lactate to cool and soothe skin. It also has hydration properties. You can also purchase Ice Cream to continue to care for your post-Brazilian skin at home.

Will I be back? You bet! Taking care of the fuzz means that I’ll never have to worry when I have to wear a bikini, and it makes cleaning a lot easier too.

Keith says:

Oh boy! I can’t believe I have been persuaded to go for a Boyzilian! While it seems more or less common to the ladies, I have hardly heard of any guys doing waxing services like this.

I wondered, “What if the therapist is a male?”, “What if the therapist is female?”, “Which gender will be more embarrassing for me?”, “Will there be any awkward situation?”

I over-imagined it.

My therapist was very professional during the service and she explained the instructions to me in a very matter of fact manner. I was asked to remove my jeans and clean up myself with an alcohol wipe while she excused herself. A few minutes later, she came back and asked me to lie down and she cleaned me up again just in case I was not able to reach or missed certain areas.

The room was filled with so much awkwardness and silence that you could probably even hear a pin drop on carpet flooring. But that soon disappeared as the therapist started to calm me down by making small conversations, which helped to distract me from the impending pain during the service.

I tried my very best as a journalist to bait answers from her on whether she or her colleagues have ever met any embarrassing situation before. Lo and behold… there was none. Maybe they are too professional and skilled to have any embarrassing encounters with clients during waxing services.

She also noted to me an interesting trend that more males, be it straight or not, are trying out Boyzilian. Most of time with the companionship and encouragement from their girlfriends.

So how painful was it? While it’s more bearable than brow embroidery, I’d say it’s a pain scale of 6.5 out of 10 for me. It helped that whenever the therapist pulls the wax off, she would immediately use her fingers to press on the waxed area to reduce the pain during the service.

Would I go for it again? I probably will as I feel really clean after the treatment. Would you guys try?

Ice Cream retails at SGD51.36 at all Strip outlets. From now till 30 September, you can also enjoy brazillian waxing at SGD30 and boyzilian waxing at SGD40. This promotion is valid for all new customers and for a one-time redemption only.