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Seeing your tresses transform right before your eyes is truly amazing, but the best part of getting your hair done at a professional salon is arguably the head massage. It feels oh-so luxurious and melts away tension in just a few moments.

The caveat, however, is that it’s hard to replicate an effective one on your own, which is why we’d rather leave it in the hands of the professionals.

Before we share the top salons that offer the best head massages in Singapore, let’s first have a look at the benefits a head massage can bring about, because it certainly goes beyond easing tension.

Keep reading for the best head massages in Singapore to show your hair and scalp some love.

What is a head massage?

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A head massage, or a “head spa” as some salons would call it, is simply a massage for your head. Just like a regular body massage, it aims to stimulate blood circulation and ease any tension. However, it’s a little different in terms of the techniques used.

This type of massage will not only help you to cleanse your scalp deeply, but it also helps you achieve healthier, more lustrous hair in the long run.

Before a head massage in Singapore begins, your hairstylist will likely seat you for a hair consultation. This way, he or she will be able to take a closer look at your current hair condition and concerns before recommending the best treatment for you.

After the consultation, your hairstylist will usher you to the shampoo area to begin the head massage.

The benefits of a head massage

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1. It deeply cleanses the scalp

What you’ll get with all types of head massage is thorough cleansing. Getting your scalp scrubbed by a professional can help remove product and shampoo buildup you might not have noticed. It also helps to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cells and flakes.

2. It promotes hair growth & reduces hair loss

If you’re struggling with increased hair fall or thinning, consider a head massage. One study showed that participants actually experienced an increase in hair thickness with daily scalp massages. It reduces stress and tension as it conditions your scalp and brings blood flow to your head and neck area.

Some head massage treatments even offer special formulas that can help strengthen your hair follicles for stronger, healthier hair growth.

3. It lowers blood pressure

It’s no secret that a head massage can help ease the stresses of your day and promote feelings of relaxation. Well, apart from releasing tension, a head massage can also decrease systolic and diastolic blood pressure. This is likely due to the stimulation of blood circulation, which in turn, relaxes the blood vessels and neck muscles.

4. It reduces tension headache symptoms

Muscle contractions can often trigger tension headaches, which commonly causes pain in your neck, head, and behind your ears. A head massage may help to reduce the duration, intensity, and frequency of such headaches thanks to the soothing and relaxing effect it has on the muscles in your neck.

Best salons & centres for a head massage in Singapore

1. Summer Nail Services – Head Bojin

head massage singapore summer nail services

Located within an office tower at Anson Road, Summer Nail Services provides a myriad of beauty solutions. Whether you’re looking to get your nails done or your skin pampered, you can certainly find what you need at the salon.

One of the services you have to try is their Head Bojin, a form of acupressure that’s non-invasive, holistic, and painless. This head massage in Singapore stimulates your pressure points to alleviate pain, lower stress, and enhance your overall wellbeing.

The professional therapists at Summer Nail Services are equipped with Bojin skills to ensure great relaxation for a good night’s sleep.

Enjoy Summer Nail Services’ Head Bojin for S$59.

Address: 79 Anson Road, Treatment Room 9, #21-01, Singapore 079906
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon to Sat) | Closed on Sun
Contact: Call or WhatsApp 8837 8668 or 8850 3578
Website | Facebook | Instagram

2. Forest Salon Bedok – Facial + Hot Oil Head Massage + Eyebrow Threading Save 26%!

head massage singapore Forest Salon Bedok

Credit: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

If you live in the east, head down to Forest Salon Bedok to address any hair or scalp concerns you may have. The therapists at the salon will perform a Hair & Scalp Check to analyse the health and condition of your scalp and tresses. That’s how they’re then able to advise you on the next steps to restoring your crowning glory.

For those who prefer a holistic approach, treat yourself to a three-in-one package, which includes a facial, hot oil head massage, as well as eyebrow threading.

To complement the hydrating facial, the package includes a head massage that nourishes and strengthens your hair follicles for faster hair growth. The eyebrow threading will keep your arches neat and on fleek, so you’ll step out of the salon feeling rejuvenated and looking your absolute best.

Address: 84 Bedok North Street 3, #01-59, Singapore 460084
Opening hours: 9am – 8pm (Mon to Sat) | 9am – 7pm (Sun & PH)
Contact: Call 6677 7413 or email [email protected]
Website | Facebook | Instagram

3. Indulge Skin & Body Lab – Tou Dao Tang Herbal Head & Scalp Therapy Save 81%!

head massage singapore indulge skin body lab

Combining Western science with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles, techniques, and products, Indulge Skin & Body Lab achieves maximum efficacy by getting to the root of your hair concerns.

Their new Tou Dao Tang Therapy provides a comprehensive solution to scalp health by clearing blockages in the meridian channels, promoting healthy flow of qi and blood. It uses a pairing of TCM massages techniques and rejuvenating herbal elixirs that date back to ancient, traditional recipes of the Miao people.

The treatment detoxifies the scalp and soothes the mind to alleviate insomnia. Besides combatting thinning hair and hair loss, it can also help sharpen your memory and improve your focus.

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 9pm (Sat, Sun & PH)
Contact: +6583571413 or email [email protected]
Facebook | Instagram

4. Vesure Hair Therapy – QXTL Head Reflexology

head massage singapore vesure hair therapy

Specialising in treatments for men and women pattern hair loss, Vesure Hair Therapy provides solutions to premature greying hair, scalp issues, and other hair conditions.

The centre is rooted in TCM, and offers a suite of treatments that harness the powers of plant and herbal extracts, further boosted by modern trichology machines for impactful results.

Vesure’s QXTL Head Reflexology is a unique wellness programme that uses traditional Taiwanese gua sha techniques to stimulate acupoints and reflex zones of the head. This helps to promote microcirculation of blood in the scalp, which then prevents hair thinning and grey hair.

Enjoy Vesure Hair Therapy’s QXTL Head Reflexology for S$65.

Address: Blk 714 Ang Mo Kio Central Ave 6, #01-4012 (opposite Broadway Plaza), Singapore 560714
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (Tue to Sat) | 12pm – 8pm (Sun) | Closed on Mon
Contact: Call 6259 0977 or WhatsApp 8934 6601
Website | Facebook

5. Art-Noise Beauty Salon – Head Spa Most affordable!

head massage singapore art-noise

If you’re looking for an award-winning Japanese hair salon in the west, visit Art-Noise Beauty Salon. Tucked away in a Holland Village shophouse, the salon specialises in original treatments that use non-damaging chemicals – great for those who perm, straighten, or dye their hair frequently.

Also one of the top-ranking salons in Tokyo, Art-Noise is known for their head spas. So go ahead and enjoy a pampering head massage complete with in-house shampoos and nourishing treatments.

Enjoy Art-Noise Beauty Salon’s Head Spa for S$32 (10 minutes), S$43 (20 minutes), S$54 (30 minutes).

Address: 38A Lor Mambong, Singapore 277694
Opening hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: 6463 3651
Website | Facebook | Instagram

6. Japanese Hair Salon Room 49A – Premium Scalp & Hair Treatment

head massage singapore Japanese Hair Salon Room 49A

Take a step into this two-storey Japanese hair salon and you’ll feel at home right away. The cosy, minimalist salon is tucked away at Amoy Street, and its team of hairdressers provide complimentary consultations to give you tailored advice and recommendations.

With the Premium Scalp & Hair Treatment, it starts with a wash and treatment. After which, you’ll be led to another treatment bed for a relaxing head massage. After a final rinse, a scalp essence will be applied to help promote fuller, stronger tresses.

We hear that influencers like Xiaxue and Shiberty are also big fans of the salon’s head spa.

Enjoy Japanese Hair Salon Room 49A’s Premium Scalp & Hair Treatment for S$250.

Address: 49A Amoy Street, Singapore 069875
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon & Tue, Fri to Sun) | 10am – 6pm (Thu) | Closed on Wed
Contact: Call or SMS 8814 4360
Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. COVO Hair Salon – Scalp Deep Cleansing Spa

head massage singapore covo hair salon

Run by a team of experienced Japanese hairstylists, Covo Hair Salon’s warm, minimalist space is reminiscent of Muji, which will put you at ease right away. The team behind the salon believes that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, which is why they offer treatments that clarify the scalp and rejuvenate damaged tresses.

For a deeper cleanse and a relaxing head massage, opt for their Scalp Deep Cleansing Spa. The salon even cleanses your hair with carbonated spring water after shampooing to restore your scalp’s pH balance.

Enjoy COVO Hair Salon’s Scalp Deep Cleansing Spa for S$55.

Address: View the full list of outlets here
Opening hours: View the full list of opening hours here
Contact: View the full list of contact numbers here
Website | Facebook | Instagram

8. Lily Head & Hair Spa – Raw Honey Head Spa

head massage singapore lily head hair spa

Located at OUE Downtown Gallery, Lily Head & Hair Spa offers a wide array of services that focuses on scalp care. Another salon that hails from Japan, it is home to hairstylists with over 15 years of experience each, so you know your hair and scalp are in good hands.

Their Raw Honey Head Spa is one of the most popular treatments among customers. It uses honey-infused haircare products and pure, raw honey to purify and condition your scalp. Honey is antibacterial, antifungal, moisturising, and protecting, which is why it is able to treat dandruff, itchiness, oiliness, and dryness.

Enjoy Lily Head & Hair Spa’s Raw Honey Head Spa for S$120.

Address: 46A Shenton Way, OUE Downtown Gallery, #03-16A, Singapore 068815
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 6pm (Sat & Sun)
Contact: Call 6222 7551 or WhatsApp/SMS 9424 7051
Website | Facebook | Instagram

9. J’s Salon – Signature Trichology Scalp Treatment

head massage singapore j's salon

Styling director and one of J’s Salon leading trichologists, June Ng, has accumulated over 43 years of experience in the wellness industry and helms J’s Salon. The salon prioritises your hair and scalp, and they believe they’re important factors in maintaining your crowning glory.

A trichologist will first conduct an in-depth hair and scalp diagnosis to get to the root of the problem. This way, he or she will be able to suggest a suitable treatment for you.

Try their Signature Trichology Scalp Treatment, which targets your hair and scalp concerns using technology and products by Kérastase. Your therapist will then ease your knots and tension with a pampering head and shoulder massage and conclude your session with a leave-in treatment for silky smooth tresses.

Contact J’s Salon for the price of the Signature Trichology Scalp Treatment.

Address: Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, 392 Havelock Road Level 3, Singapore 169663
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: Call 6733 3882, 6834 0012, or email [email protected]
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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