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What nail look you’re wearing for your wedding has to be one of the toughest beauty decisions you have to make in your preparation; there are just too many looks to choose from! French manicure, lace designs and diamond-studded crystals are definitely top of the list when it comes to bridal nail looks.

If you want to stay away from the typical French manicure look, but still want something elegant and understated, consider the gradient look that is gaining popularity, says Shino, senior manicurist at Bejeweled. This is a versatile look that wouldn’t look out of place without a bridal gown, and have a longer longevity because it wouldn’t look ugly when the nails grow out.

gradient bridal nails 1

When you visit your manicurist, Shino suggests that you remember to share the following information:

  • What your gown designs look like
  • Your preference for nail designs: do you prefer something simpler or something dramatic?
  • Whether you prefer hand-drawn designs or 3D designs

And as you count down to your big day, here are more tips from Shino to keep your nails looking gorgeous:

  • Avoid using the tips of your nails when showering or washing hair
  • Avoid contact with chemicals
  • Moisturise hands regularly with hand cream, or apply oil on your cuticles
  • Avoid using the tips of your nails to open cans or other hard objects
  • To prevent early chipping, avoid high temperature or hot water

How do I like the gradient nail look?

gradient bridal nails 2

I like that the look isn’t too “bridal” for a regular work day; I mean, you don’t need to let that business associate you’ve met for the first time know that you’re preparing for your wedding. Another great thing about the gradient nail look is the easy maintenance it requires. It doesn’t look too obvious when my nails grew out, and if I want them to still look presentable after a few weeks, all I had to do was simply to trim them shorter on my own.

gradient bridal nails 3

My experience at Bejeweled was also a positive one. The salon has a cosy and friendly vibe to it, despite located at the CBD area (International Plaza). My manicurist, Shino, was very attentive and made sure to learn a little more about my lifestyle before making any recommendations. For instance, after knowing that my job involves a lot of typing, she told me she won’t put a lot of 3D embellishment on the nails. The floral patterns were made up of several tiny round white stickers. She explained that having too many 3D embellishment when I’m hitting against them frequently due to work will cause them to lose their shine quickly.

Bejeweled is located at #02-01, BreadTalk IHQ (near Tai Seng MRT) and #02-48, International Plaza. Find out more about their bridal packages on their website.