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If you haven’t caught up with the latest beauty news yet, Hourglass is one of the beauty brands that will be making its debut in Singapore in March (Read: These brands are coming to Singapore finally, and we are beyond excited). One of the cult products from the brand is the Veil Mineral Primer.

About the product


Retailing at SGD84, this is definitely a luxury product that doesn’t skimp on the packaging. Unlike other primers that come in squeezy tubes, this primer comes with a pump, which is great for hygiene purposes. It’s paraben- and fragrance-free. And for the ladies (and gents) out there who are against animal testing, you’d be happy to know that this product is free of animal testing and it’s vegan-friendly.


While other primers usually have a thick, silicone or tacky consistency, the Veil Mineral Primer has the consistency of an emulsion-type moisturiser. It’s also oil-free! That aside, this is honestly the best primer I’ve ever tried. It’s a loaded statement, but please believe that as a beauty junkie, saying that counts for something.

Why I love it?

It’s three primers in one.

There are many primers created to target different issues. Due to my skin type and preference, I like having radiant-looking skin and that’s not the result all primers can offer. Believe it or not, I actually own three – Ok, I own more. But I have my top three – to fulfil each of my ideal primer desires which are:

1 . To keep my makeup in place in Singapore’s hot and humid weather;
2 . Make my skin look radiant; and
3 . Smooth out the appearance of pores

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And lo and behold, the Veil Mineral Primer checks all the boxes. To me, it’s three different kinds of primers in one bottle. It glides so smoothly over the skin and is really lightweight. Living up to its claims and properties, it smoothes over pores, and makes my skin feel really smooth which makes foundation application that much easier. I have dry skin and I find that it manages to keep my skin hydrated yet it doesn’t feel greasy at all. Above everything, this primer keeps my makeup looking amazing after eight hours – with NO touch ups.

Hourglass 3

After eight hours of wear, my makeup looks just like how it did when I’ve just left the house. I was amazed that my makeup still looked fresh!

You can get your hands on the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer from Sephora stores from March onwards. It is also available on Net-a-porter.