Ask any person what they think Hugo Boss represents and the words “sophistication”, “masculinity”, and “confidence” would pretty much sum up their responses.

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The consistency in their branding is surely presented in the Hugo Woman perfume too, following exactly these traits, but not without a touch of femininity.

The bottle is designed simply, with clean, strong lines, yet still soft with its round edges for the female audience.

It’s indeed living up to its Hugo Boss proposition.

hugo boss woman


The first whiff of the fragrance is overwhelming and masculine through the use of elements from the boysenberry and Himalayan red grass. Shortly after the initial contact with skin, the manly notes are reduced quickly and the feminine elements are highlighted subtly through the jasmine and amber scents.

An interesting fact about amber: it is a valuable and popular ingredient often used in perfume because it’s long-lasting and stabilises other ingredients so they stay on the skin longer. I attest to this personally – one and a half puffs in the morning and I smell the perfume all over, throughout the day. Yay or nay? You decide.

The versatility of this fragrance also reminds me of that super woman we all have met; the one that plays roles of a manager, a team player, a wife, a daughter, a mother, a great friend, and juggle all of them elegantly, and still look fabulously while at it. If you are looking for the scent that profiles you as the power woman at work, yet not lose the oh-so-useful female charm at times, this perfume might be the one for you.

Hugo woman is available in 30ml (SGD81), 50ml (SGD116), and 75ml (SGD149).