In preparation for our wedding, Keith and I began our skincare journey with IDS Clinic a month ago. After a consultation with Dr S K Tan, he prescribed a suite of products that are designed to make my skin glow.


They are: C2 (cleanser), Facial Scrub, T1 (purifying toner), C+ (vitamin C), OM (moisturiser) and S2 (sunscreen).


Understated in appearance, but over-delivering in quality, I like that the products are fuss-free and to-the-point. All of them carry no artificial fragrance, which means you shouldn’t expect a nice, pleasant scent to them. However, what makes up for the lack of great scent is superior texture that absorbs fast and feels good on the skin.

In particular, the Facial Scrub is something to shout about. Dr Tan recommended

that I use it every other day and it really helps to remove all dead skin cells. I tend to get a lot of clogging on my T-zone, especially my chin. The Facial Scrub helps to eliminate this problem and my skin feels baby soft after that. The effects can usually last for two days, which is just the right time for me to scrub again.


While the effects for Facial Scrub is immediate, C-Plus – a product that helps to brighten the appearance of skin and gives complexion more visible evenness – proves to be the real powerhouse. And I’ll explain why in a moment.


After using the suite of products for about two weeks, I felt confident enough to not wear foundation when I head out. (I will still apply sunscreen, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick.)

On one occasion, a friend asked which brand of foundation I was using because she liked the finish very much. I was surprised and amused at the same time, and told her that I wasn’t wearing any. Her turn to be surprised.

At an event, we were asked to remove our makeup to try on a new product. Those around me were surprised when I applied it directly – because they didn’t know I was foundation-less.

The brightness of my complexion isn’t the only change I saw in my skin. I also noticed that my T-zone no longer oil up during midday. There’s no longer a need to blot off with blotting papers or even hydrate with a mist. My skin feels comfortable and balanced all day long.


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