If you’ve been following Keith and my IDS journey, where we prepare our skin for our wedding, you’d probably know that Keith went through a laser treatment to smooth out the scars on his skin that’s left behind by pimple-picking as a teenager.

I, on the other hand, have been blessed with relatively smooth skin. As a teenager, I hardly had any pimples and as an adult, no texture issues with my skin too. However, like many women in their 20s, no thanks to stress and lack of sleep, my skin looks dull and lifeless.

While it has already brightened up by a whole lot ever since I began my IDS regime, it doesn’t hurt to want even brighter skin. No wait, actually, it does hurt a little – in the form of a laser treatment at the IDS Clinic.

You may be wondering why laser is the answer for me (smooth skin), as it is for Keith (rough skin). This is because laser, when administered using different frequency, can be adjusted to a more or less aggressive treatment. In my case, a mild laser treatment helps to gently destroy the surface skin so that new, brighter skin can be revealed. It’s almost like an exfoliating regime, but with faster and better results.

Before the treatment, numbing cream is applied onto my entire face. As such, I practically felt nothing during the treatment and could even laugh and joke with Dr Tan.


Therapist applying sunscreen after the laser treatment to protect the skin from harsh UV

However, when the numbing cream went off, my face turned a little red and there’s this “raw” feeling on it. It was slightly painful, but definitely bearable. After two days, I noticed slight peeling (which is very normal), which continued for another three days. During this entire period, I was conscientious with my sun protection, and avoided harsh products like scrubs.


Look, mum. No makeup!

The result is definitely worth the pain. My skin glowed and looked great even without makeup. Honestly, I feel that this is definitely the peak of how my skin looked, which I never thought was going to happen as I get older.

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