I’m pretty lucky to be blessed with skin that people think is good – but only from afar. Once you observe me close enough, you will notice pimple scars that will put the moon’s craters to shame. Sometimes you don’t even need to stare at my face to see those scars and potholes, you just need to place me under those white lights you see at the jewellery shop to see the moon surface.

In this review article, I will be talking about my laser treatment journey.

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Before The IDS Clinic Laser Treatment


One of the key treatments that I have to undergo is the laser treatment to even out the scars on my face. But before that, I prepared my skin with IDS Skincare products to prepare my skin for the treatment. I was given the C2 Gentle Cleanser, Scrub, T2 Toner for Oil Control, Pore, C+, A+, Oil-free moisturiser and Sunscreen. Preparing your skin sufficiently before a laser treatment helps to produce better results after that.

Here’s a quick review of some of the products that really impressed me:

  • The Scrub is really fantastic. After using it you can immediately feel the smoothness of your skin.
  • The Pore helps to reduce excess oil production and allows the white and blackheads to be easily removed.
  • The C+ contains a new potent form of Vitamin C and E that provides superior anti-oxidant, collagen-boosting benefits, skin-lightening effects, and helps smoothen wrinkles.
  • The Sunscreen is non-tinted and has got SPF 50 coverage. For SPF 50 you will be expecting it to be thick, but no, it’s not, because it’s water-based!

I’m required to use the products for three weeks before the first treatment; this is to prepare my skin for the harsh laser treatment that was to come.

Between The Treatments

Numbing cream being applied onto Keith's face

Numbing cream being applied onto Keith’s face

Go to any aesthetics clinic and if they ever suggest for you to do a laser treatment without numbing cream, get out of there fast!

The laser treatment uses short and long laser pulses:

The short pulse helps to remove the surface of the skin thus allowing new and better skin to regenerate from the products used.

The long pulse produces energy that goes beyond the surface of the skin to stimulate the cells to produce collagen to “push” the skin up and “cover” the holes.

Was The Laser Treatment Painful?

With the numbing cream in full effect, you can barely feel any pain. For me, the sound of the laser emitting reminds me of a handyman hammering a nail onto your face.

After the anaesthetic effect wore off, I could feel the swell on my face and see the redness. This is very normal.

The Recovery Process

It takes about five days for the skin to recovery after the initial treatment. During this period, you will need to apply sunscreen to prevent the skin from being further damaged by the sun.

Your face will feel very dry, so feel free to lavishly apply moisturiser onto your face.

Here’s an animated GIF of my skin in the first three days after the treatment. The more targeted regions start to peel on the fourth day, and on the fifth day I’m close to looking normal again!


After Two Laser Treatment Sessions


My skin was given three weeks of rest between each treatment.

As you can see, most of my scars have almost disappeared and my skin is starting to show more glow and radiance through both the laser treatment done and the products used.

With the treatments and products working out so well, it gave me more confidence when I head out for meetings.

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