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We’re sure you are familiar with Daiso and how everything in that maze of a store costs just SGD2. Daiso has literally everything you need in life- from frying pans, plant pots, tea towels and even beauty items.

In fact, there’s probably nowhere else you can find a SGD2 beauty product besides in Daiso. If you’re wondering how they compare to products we find in drugstore like Watsons and Guardian, read on. We’ve put to test four products: mascara, lipstick, makeup remover and nail polish remover.

Let the showdown begin!

Daiso Mascara (Waterproof and Volumising) VS Maybelline The Rocket Mascara


Maybelline wins in providing better curl, length and volume

Surprisingly, the Daiso brand mascara did a pretty decent job in adding length and volume. However, The Rocket mascara provided even more length and double the volume. It also looked like it managed to curl the lashes more without even using an eyelash curler.

Daiso mascara claims to be waterproof but crumbles easily with water


Removing the mascaras was easy. It didn’t take much to break down the mascara at all. Believe it or not, all it needed was water. The Rocket mascara didn’t claim to be waterproof (just smudge-proof), unlike the Daiso brand. So it was rather disappointing to see the Daiso mascara disintegrate so easily just with water.

Our conclusion?


For SGD 2, the Daiso mascara is a steal, considering that it did give decent length and volume. If you’re really the sort who can never be seen without mascara and you apparently forgot to put on some that day, the Daiso mascara would suffice. However, we strongly advise you not to use it to a wedding, where tears of joy will be shed or when it’s too hot out that you will sweat, OR, when it’s raining and you don’t have an umbrella. (Now, these may start to sound like practically every day in Singapore.)

Daiso Nail Enamel Remover VS Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover


Daiso Nail Polish Remover took only one swipe to remove most nail polish

With one swipe, the Daiso nail polish remover removed 97% of the nail polish. From the looks of it, you don’t need more than five cotton pads to remove nail polish from your 10 fingers. The Sally Hansen nail polish remover did a decent job too, but it took a couple of more swipes to get all the nail polish off.

We prefer the packaging of the Daiso Nail Polish Remover


Furthermore, how annoying is the Sally Hansen nail polish remover opening?! You just know you’re going to end up pouring out more than you need, or spilling the contents of the bottle on your table.

Our conclusion?


The Daiso nail polish remover is totally worth the SGD 2. You get an opening that doesn’t give you the risk of spillage and it doesn’t use as much cotton pads. The only downside is that you don’t know if it’s good for your nails or not, considering the fact that the Sally Hansen nail polishes claim to have the nail strengthening properties. But then again, can you really “tell” if your nails have strengthened because you rubbed a certain nail polish remover onto it? It’s anyone’s guess.

Daiso Lipstick VS L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Lipstick


Daiso lipstick surprised us with an ugly colour

First impression when we applied the Daiso lipstick? OMG. This is hideous. The colour looks like a pretty coral on the bullet but somehow looks like mud on the lips. The L’Oreal Paris lipstick, on the other hand, shows up on the lips just as how you’d have imagined it to be just by looking at the bullet.

Daiso lipstick emphasises the appearance of chapped lips


While we can attribute the appearance of the colour on the lips to subjectivity and perhaps to the individual’s skin tone, what we can objectively say is that the Daiso lipstick definitely makes dry lips appear drier. In fact, we would highly recommend that you exfoliate your lips before you apply it, or otherwise you’re going to end up looking like Frankenstein’s bride (great look for Halloween?). The L’Oreal Paris one, thankfully, doesn’t emphasise dryness, although it’s not super hydrating.

Probably equally long-lasting


Both leave a rather equal amount of stain on cups, which we can use to conclude probably mean that they’d last for around the same amount of time.

Our conclusion?

Somehow, the Daiso lipstick also leaves a weird stinging feeling on the lips, was hard to apply (the colour just doesn’t come onto the lips), and was too creamy (it feels like crayon). It’s a definite no-no-no! We’d go for the L’Oreal Paris lipstick anytime, although it costs ten times more.

Daiso Makeup Remover Wipes VS Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets


Daiso makeup remover wipes are larger

We were impressed by how large the Daiso wipes are. They’re also rather sturdy, and don’t tear easily. The Biore ones are smaller, but very sturdy too.


Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets are a lot wetter and remove makeup way faster and better

The Daiso ones are so dry, when we touched it we just weren’t sure if it could take away makeup. Sure enough, it took a lot of tugging to remove some of the makeup – in fact, even with so much strength, it still refuses to remove the smudge-proof mascara and eyeliner. It wasn’t quite good on the face as well, although it worked slightly better on the lips.

The Biore facial sheets, on the other hand, quite effectively removed makeup. While we’d probably still prefer to use a cleansing oil because it seems cleaner and exerts less pressure on the skin, for lazy days or convenience, the Biore sheets do well enough.

Our conclusion?


Keep the Daiso makeup removers as wet tissues in your bag, and leave the cleansing to Biore. Oh, and did we mention that we notice the first two ingredients in the Daiso makeup removers are water and alcohol? Good for cleaning your hands before munching chips, but probably not too good for keeping your skin soft and supple.