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Jamsu review: Does it really work

Before Jamsu: I have combination to oily skin type, and my complexion also looks dull. Even though I apply a makeup-setting spray, I still tend to get very oily T-zone. In particular, my nose is prone to accumulate sebum and my eye makeup smudges a lot.

During Jamsu: I used Komodo Baby Powder on my face before submerging my face in the water. The cold was a bit shocking at first. Thankfully, I only had to submerge my face for less than 30 seconds (I did 20 seconds.)

Immediate Effect: You might find it a bit messy at first. But after patting my face with a towel, I could instantly feel my face get smoother. Because of my combination to oily skin type, my pores are usually quite obvious even with foundation on.

However, after the jamsu treatment, my pores were no longer visible and my skin was matte, but not dry. On the other hand, I did look a bit more pale than usual and my lips got really dry and started to peel. So I had to apply a generous amount of lip balm before applying the rest of my makeup.

After putting on the rest of my makeup: I didn’t need to set my makeup with loose powder because it had already been set with jamsu! In fact, it was a lot easier to work with a smoother canvas while I applied my eye makeup and blusher.

Even with all my makeup on, my skin felt like a baby’s. This time, my pores were barely visible. Better still, my usual trouble areas, including my nose and T-zone, were not greasy at all.

After a long day: My nose got a wee bit shiny after a long day but most of my makeup remained intact even though I had to go under the sun and perspired a little. Moreover, my skin had a healthy glow despite the mattifying effect of jamsu.

Will I jamsu again?

While I was rather doubtful about jamsu at first, I was taken aback by the immediacy of the effects. Also, this was a great way to “wake” me up and get me ready to seize the day!

I also felt like my face somehow appeared slimmer and brighter, while my small and annoying pimples became less red and noticeable.

I was surprised by how I didn’t need to blot or clean off smudged makeup at all – something that I tend to need to do in the past. The best part of it all was that it is so convenient and inexpensive! Jamsu is a quick fix and perk-me-up kind of treatment that I will definitely revisit, especially when my skin looks puffy and tired.

If you’re looking to try this beauty hack, check out some DV tips below!

If you have dry skin: Avoid submerging your face for too long (not more than 30 seconds). This is because your skin might get even drier.

If you have combination skin: Apply more baby powder on your troubled areas (eg. nose and chin).

If you have oily skin: Make sure the baby powder is evenly applied on your face.

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