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London fragrance brand, Jo Malone, pays tribute to its homeland, Britain, in its latest limited edition collection – Rock The Ages. Bring back a piece of British history with you in any of the five unique concoctions in this collection. Each scent represents a different era in the nation’s history.


Five Scents That Symbolise Five Defining Eras In British History


The collection opens with Tudor Rose & Amber, which captures the dark grandeur of the Tudor age. This period is famous for its battles and feuds. As a homage to this period, the cologne is centred around the dark side of the rose, and is spicy and metallic at the same time.


The Lily of the Valley & Ivy was inspired by the Georgian age. This is a very traditional floral scent that’s very green and leafy.


Pomegranate Noir, on the other hand, is already one of Jo Malone’s most popular fragrances. This scent is used to represent the opulent Victorian age, with woody notes that reminds one of the wooden paneling of the Victorian interiors.


The illustrious side of Britain is showcased by the Geranium & Verbena. This herbaceous and clean scent is also the easiest to combine with other scents from Jo Malone.


Finally, the modern rebel in Britain is represented by Birch & Black Pepper. Think of punk bands like The Clash – this is the spirit that inspired this dramatic scent that carries an ink accord, inspired by the ink of a tattoo.

Do We Like The Scents?

The Lily of the Valley & Ivy and Geranium & Verbena are clear crowd-pleasers. It is easy to love these two fragrances because of their pleasant and familiar floral notes. To make sure they’re kept modern and interesting, the perfumers gave these two typical scents a twist in their ingredients: the scent of green ivy and fruit cassis are included to contrast with the delicate Lily of the Valley; the typical fougere scent of a geranium perfume usually includes lavender, but in the Geranium & Verbena, it is replaced with the verbena to give it a modern interpretation.

However, other fragrances in the collection grew on us after a while. I fell in love with the Tudor Rose & Amber, while Keith has his eyes (or should I say, nose) on the Birch & Black Pepper.

I love how the spicy notes of the Tudor Rose & Amber surprise the palate, and later calm down to a very comforting and sophisticated scent that I would love to wear with a business dress or a party gown. There seems to be a touch of royalty to this fragrance that makes it very distinctive, and almost majestic.

The Birch & Black Pepper requires an acquired taste to appreciate. Because of the ink accord in this fragrance, I can’t help but be reminded of print companies that publish newspapers. However, what’s interesting is that when it interacts with the chemistry of an individual’s skin, the smell of ink mellows and develops into a very fascinating fragrance. This is definitely one that you can consider if you’re looking for something different from your usual perfume.

Whether or not you’re captivated by the alluring history of Britain, this is a collection that you can go to, if you’re looking for a signature scent, because you’re bound to find something that deviates from the conventional perfumes in the market, and which you’d like.

The Jo Malone Rock The Ages Collection will be available from March 2015 and each cologne (30ml) retails at SGD105.