Many internal and external factors can cost the health of your hair and scalp. Stress, the lack of sleep and even your diet can affect its condition and are very relatable examples for Singaporeans in our very fast-paced society.

Do you tend to determine your hair problems by yourself? I am a victim of my own diagnosis. I used to think that I had really oily scalp, hence, I used a shampoo to treat that condition. The condition, to my horror, worsened as I see more of my hair cluttering at the drain after showering, and my scalp became more and more oily (the panic was real).

You should have seen my face when I found out the true condition of my hair and scalp during my treatment at Kenjo Salon, located at Plaza Singapura. Read on as I share my experience with you.

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So what happened?

At the salon, I was greeted by their Senior Stylist, Zennn Tan who briefed me about their new treatment, Naturaltech, using products from Davines. True to its name, each of the product was created with a star phytoceutical ingredient that was selected to treat a specific problem. While the best way to enjoy the products used in the treatment is at the salon where machines are used to enhance their effects and you’ll also enjoy a special scalp massage for this treatment, you can also choose to purchase the same products to use them at the comfort of your home.

Photo 30-5-16, 4 56 19 PM

Zenn checking my scalp

Checking my hair!

A scalp and hair analysis was conducted to access the kinds of treatments needed. Zenn established that I actually had dry scalp (my face was like “Are you serious?”), dry, and porous hair. My scalp was flaking slightly as well. The condition of my hair ends were the worst as they were so dry that she jokingly said that it looked like hay.

The Treatment

My customised treatment looked like this:

Detoxify: With artichoke phytoceutical to cleanse deeply but gently


The detoxifying Scrub Shampoo uses micro exfoliating beads to gently remove the small and dry flakes on my scalp, hence thoroughly but gently cleansing it. The product was applied all over the scalp and a pressure point massage was done to increase the blood circulation and temperature of the scalp. We went through a 20-minute steaming for the hair to further improve the circulation of blood.

Calm: With blueberry phytoceutical to soothe sensitive scalp


After the refreshing detoxification session, we proceeded to washing my hair with the Calming Shampoo that contains essential oils to enhance the calming effect of the treatment, which I really liked (I am all about the scents!)

Tip: Cold water is the best temperature to wash your hair as it decreases the size of the pores and it also refreshes your scalp. Hot water should always be avoided as it damages both the skin and scalp. However, if you are not a fan of cold water, you can opt for lukewarm water as it stimulates the scalp and aids in the absorption of the product you are using.

Replump: With hyaluronic acid to hydrate and give elasticity to fine and dry hair


One of the latest products, the Replumping Hair Filler Superactive was added to the cold steam. It gives the hair a longer lasting hold, making it look plumped up, and really shiny! The leave-in serum from the same line of products was also used to seal the goodness in, Boy, was the difference drastic!

Nourish: With royal jelly to nourish and moisturise dehydrated and damaged hair

Davines Naturaltech Nourishing

This product was used to improve the condition of my dry scalp. Nourished scalp also means lesser hair fall as it is healthy enough to “hold” the hair for longer. This product came in a jelly-like formula. This was chosen as Zenn did not want to “shock” my scalp with richer serum.

My verdict?


After the treatment!

Photo 30-5-16, 6 51 13 PM

No longer hay-like anymore!

At the end of the treatment, the texture of my hair was no longer “grainy” (because of porous hair), but smooth instead. My scalp for the next few days seemed to have recovered from the self-inflicted damage of my oily scalp shampoo.

If you, like me, have been suffering from poor self-diagnosis of your hair problem and feel that you need an expert to step in. You’ll know who to look for!

Kenjo Salon is located at #04-72, Plaza Singapura (New Wing).