You must have heard of the most recent trend in the fitness world: a subscription that has been described as a “buffet” of different fitness studios in Singapore.

How does the new fitness subscription work?

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Traditionally, we sign up for membership at a gym or fitness studio, and are eligible to access a limited or unlimited number of classes by the gym. With this new model, instead of being tied to just one service-provider, you get to enjoy a variety of classes from different gyms and studios, at just one monthly fee.

At the moment, there are three main players in this market that has already opened: KFit, GuavaPass, and Passport Asia. Dossier is another that has announced that it will open in the second quarter of 2015, but we haven’t seen much from them since May.

What does KFit offer?

kfit At SGD99 per month for up to 10 activities per month, KFit seems to offer the widest range of activities with almost 800 studios onboard. Other than the usual yoga, pilates, and dance classes that their competitors also carry, they also offer more unique classes like Wing Chun, Capoeira, Akido, and even swimming and bowling access, which we couldn’t find in the partners’ list for Passport Asia or GuavaPass. This means that if you’re thinking of picking up a new sport, KFit might probably be able to give you more options and flexibility to try them out.

On top of these, KFit also partners with hotel gyms at Sheraton Towers and Concorde Hotel, to add even more options to members. After reviewing the list of partners and reading some other reviews, it looks like KFit gives the best variety of offering at the most established studios. It is definitely worth trying out. See KFit’s list of partners here.


What does GuavaPass offer?


We notice a lot more dance and yoga studios in GuavaPass’ partners list, and it does seem like they have an edge in this area. This could be why they managed to partner with a few boutique studios that are not available in their competitors’ list (at the time of publishing), such as: Dance Factory (which specialises in hip-hop and K-pop), Pilates BodyTree, and Desert Roses (belly dance studio). They also have the popular Revolution gym and Crucycle studio in their stable.

GuavaPass says that they have a selection of high quality partners, with each partner curated by staff who have tried their classes. GuavaPass’s membership is at SGD149 per month.

Find out more about GuavaPass on their website.

What does Passport Asia offer? (Update: Passport Asia is no longer operating)

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Passport Asia is the only one with a mobile app available now, and offers a cheaper option of SGD9.90 per month for one trial class per month. This cheaper option is great for those who already have an existing gym membership but would like to try out other studios, either to consider switching after their current one is up, or to diversify the activities that they engage in. Their unlimited access membership is at SGD99 per month.

What we notice while going through their partners list is that they offer quite a number of ladies-only options, and also many studios that allow you to book more than three slots per month (the other two have mostly studios that restrict your access at three slots every month).

Find out more about Passport Asia on their website.