Oil-based products are all the rage now and I have used oil-based products for my evening regime previously and loved how they nourished my skin. However, I have never tried using an oil-based product in the morning, mostly because I’m worried about how it will work against my makeup, and another part probably because there isn’t really any oil-based product out there that was specifically designed for day use.

That is until Kiehl’s launched its latest Daily Reviving Concentrate. You might have heard of its famous Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which I’ve tried and loved. This new product is an extension of that technology, but formulated to help work with skin in its natural state in the morning. Unlike the Midnight Recovery Concentrate that focuses on repair, the new Daily Reviving Concentrate is strong in defence, particularly in shielding skin from attacks by environmental aggressors and oxidative stress. These are factors that can cause our skin looking more tired and dull at the end of a long day. (Just compare how your skin look early in the morning and when you knock off from the office.)

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The product features a blend of 100% natural origin ingredients including Ginger Root Essential Oils, Tamanu and Sunflower Seed Botanical Oils.

My first impression


I first interacted with the product before at a media preview before it was officially launched. I was given a small drop of the product and I loved how it smelt – zesty and refreshing – and that it was absorbed into the skin quickly without leaving behind an irritating, greasy feeling. (For the record, I tried it on the back of my hand.) And this made me really excited to try it out properly.

Did I like it eventually?

I finally introduced it into my regime after it was launched. Perhaps because I was over-zealous and too excited to try it, I released approximately four drops of the product from the dispenser onto my palm and dabbed it all over my face like how I would when I used a cream. The result was really horrible. My skin looked shiny, it was impossible to apply any makeup. I had to use a blotting paper to clear all the excess product from my skin. (Note: Tissue paper won’t help at all.)

kiehl's daily reviving concentrate drop

My skin simply felt greasy for the entire day and my makeup smudged easily. I didn’t like the feeling at all.

I thought about how I used it and realise I probably have used it in a wrong way. The next day, I dispensed approximately two drops of the product onto my palm, rub my palms together to warm up the oil, take a whiff of it (for effect, and also because it smells good), then gently press it onto my face. This time, instead of the icky, greasy feeling that I got, I find it nourishing my skin and it no longer feel oily. Instead, it leaves behind a velvety finish.

All these being said, after using this product for about three weeks, I must say that incorporating an oil-based product into the morning regime can be tricky for most people. But it can be satisfying if you do it right. I’m sharing these tips as “short-cuts” for you when you do:

  • Make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed and toned before you apply the product.
  • Always start off with a small amount of product, then use more if you think you need more. This way you won’t be greasing up your entire face.
  • If you noticed you’ve applied too much anyway, use a blotting paper to dab up the excess. Don’t use a tissue paper or cotton pad.
  • Warm up the product by rubbing it with your hands, you’ll find that it absorbs more easily and its scent also becomes more apparent.
  • Focus on areas where you tend to see signs of dehydration (that’s where you see flakiness or fine lines) and be less generous with the parts where you find oilier.
  • Allow the product to be absorbed by your skin before you apply any makeup.

The Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate retails at SGD80 for 30ml and is available at all Kiehl’s stores.