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You have probably seen pictures of Kiehl’s latest skincare range for men pasted on all over their store front in Singapore.

The Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Heavy Lifting moisturiser aims to help mature men combat gravity and have nicely-pressed skin – just like how they like their corporate suits.

Since anti-ageing is all about prevention, it’s never too early for a not-so-old man like me to try this anti-ageing product.

First Impression

  • The white cream texture was very bouncy. It feels like my skin could be that supple too.
  • I love the scent too. It smells a little medicated yet minty.

Trying The Kiehl’s Heavy Lift

I used it mainly as a night cream before my deep slumber.

When I woke up, everything seems as per normal. No difference from my previous regime of using olive oil as my night moisturiser.

However, by midday, my face became very oily and shiny. I thought it might be due to incompatibility between the sunscreen I’m using, thus I tried it a few more times without sunscreen and tried to play around with my regime to see how the Kiehl’s Heavy Lift can fit in.

The oiliness and shine persisted after one week of attempt.

Letting My Dad Try

So I thought maybe I should let my Dad try. Who knows, it may work out for him?

Same thing, my Dad felt the oiliness too. But he loves it. He says old people tend to have drier skin, thus it works perfectly fine for him. While the texture works great for him, after using it for one month, my dad didn’t feel the lift. Here’s a picture of him before and after using this moisturiser.


FYI, my dad is turning 66 years old in two months’ time. Many people commented that he looks younger than his actual age. My dad is living proof that anti-ageing starts from young, and can be slowed down by exercising, sunscreen, moisturiser and eating right.

How 51 Other Men Felt In 2 Weeks

  • 84% felt firmer skin
  • 74% felt skin was lifted
  • 70% saw less wrinkles

One man’s poison might be another man’s meat. Maybe the men from the Toh family happens to be the minority. But you should still try it out yourself as you may be the majority who was able to experience its lifting prowess.

Get the sample to try it first if you are still unsure. Trying before you buy is an initiative that Kiehl’s proudly drives, so don’t feel paiseh about asking for samples to try!