When Kiehl’s first launched its scent collections in 2012, I was excited. The brand has already been known for its sustainable ingredients, handpicked from the finest sources, as well as a fuss-free approach to its products; I expected clean and pure fragrances from its scent collections then, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Over the last two years, Kiehl’s continued to add great scent collections to its repertoire, and the latest one to join the family is the Vetiver & Black Tea. This is an invigorating woody fragrance selection that captures the earthy, sweet aroma of Vetiver and the soothing, citrus-like aroma of Black Tea.

A Unique Scent


As a fragrance junkie, I’m always looking for scents that I don’t already have in my (rather large) existing collection. I am excited when I find a perfume that’s distinctive and that I can wear to a unique occasion or to suit a particular mood.

The Kiehl’s Vetiver & Black Tea scent collection has an outstanding scent profile that is intriguing. Created from a rich fusion of Haitian Vetiver and Black Tea with underlying spicy pepper and wood, I like that while it’s full-bodied enough so you can definitely smell it, it is light enough so it doesn’t overwhelm. I guess the fact that the scent is crafted with 1/3 fewer ingredients than found in traditional fragrances also lend it a pure scent expression.

Sustainable Farming, Careful Extraction


The Vetiver extract is harvested in accordance with sustainable farming practices on the tropical hillsides of Haiti, while the Black Tea is a result of a careful extraction process, harvested in the high mountains of Sri Lanka.

An Aromatic Trio


Thanks to the skincare expertise of Kiehl’s, the chemists from the brand extended the fragrance into a Body Cleanser and Body Lotion. They can be used on their own to deliver 24-hour skincare benefits, or layered with the fragrance to extend the longevity of the scent.

All three products are a delight to use, thanks to the pleasant scent. The perfume, in particular, is versatile for use on most occasions, especially for mornings. The scent is also rather unisex, so feel free to share it with your beau.

The Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends Vetiver & Black Tea Aromatic Mist EDT (30ml) retails at SGD45, Body Cleanser (250ml) at SGD33, and Body Lotion (250ml) at SGD43, available at all Kiehl’s stores.