If you’ve been religiously reading articles from Daily Vanity, you’ll have learnt that not all UV rays are the same. There are the UVA rays that are responsible for causing signs of ageing, and then there are the UVB rays that cause burns. We’ve always recommended wearing sunscreen as a way to protect against these rays. The SPF value on your sunscreen indicates how effective it is in blocking UVB rays, while the number of “+” behind PA tells you how well it can protect you against UVA rays.

Dermatologists have agreed that there are two types of UVA rays: long and short. The former is able to penetrate deeper into the sin, and is more abundant, compared to short UVA rays. These rays are able to pass through clouds and glass, and are the key cause for signs of ageing like wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and loss of elasticity in skin.

Improved Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense fights against long UVA rays


To help consumers better fight with long UVA rays, Kiehl’s improved on its popular sunscreen, the Dermatologist Solutions Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50 PA++++. The new blend of filters are now able to protect beyond short UVA rays. It is certified and labelled as PA++++ (that’s four pluses!), which is one of the highest grade to the PA rating that any sunscreen could receive.

Is the Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense good?


Typically, sunscreen with high level of protection tends to be thicker and leave a white sheen behind. Thanks to the superior formulation, the Kiehl’s sunscreen is extremely lightweight. It glides on very easily and does not leave an icky, sticky feeling.


kiehls ultra-light daily uv defense review

Very importantly too, it doesn’t leave a layer of whiteness behind. I like that it offers comfortable wear while giving me the feeling of security, knowing that I’m well-protected from the harmful UV rays. See series of photos below to see how the formula spreads on skin:


The Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50 PA++++ retails at SGD52 for 30ml. This month, the brand offers a jumbo version for SGD82 for 60ml.