Songs like Sorry, Sorry from Korean boy band Super Junior, and Nobody from girl band Wonder Girls were taking the music scene by storm almost eight years ago. Even now, in 2016, the “Korean Wave”, also known as the “Hallyu Wave”, still holds a strong influence over the global market for the arena of music, food – and yes, definitely beauty.

Song Hye Kyo

Just think: straight brows, ombre lips, and dewy cushion, thanks to the cushion compact. We have a very popular article that talks about the top Korean makeup trends in 2016 and you should open it in a new tab for reading later!

But it’s not just Korean makeup trends that are popular, Korean hair trends are also the order of the day. If you are a K-Pop fan, you would have seen a spectrum of colours appearing in the scene: from jet black for the sultry Hyuna, to the outrageous orange and bright red for the Jung sisters. To understand the top Korean hair trends, we turn to Mr Gunhee, Principal hairstylist for the new Korean hair salon in town – Bella K Beauty House.


bella k beauty

The luxurious Bella K Beauty House.


Get your nails done by their in-house nail stylist.

Gunhee who is famous not only for his impressive portfolio (he has styled for celebrity groups like 4 Minute, Akdong Musician, JYJ and Super Junior), but also his numerous appearance on Super Junior’s Heechul Instagram account. Gunhee also owns two highly successful premium salons in Korea, in the Gangnam area.

When asked what the trending hair colour was, he replies with gusto: “Look at me!”, and points at his head. Platinum blonde, the colour Gunhee is sporting, can also be seen on other Korean celebrities like Taeyeon from Girl’s Generation and CL from 2NE1.

When it comes to hairstyle, Mr Gunhee shows us that the Koreans are rocking the “concave hairstyle”.

Gunhee with model sporting the "concave hairstyle".

Gunhee with model sporting the concave hairstyle. Source

However, if you think this is a little too edgy for you, perhaps you would like what Rose, my hairstylist at Bella K House did for me.


My hair before the haircut.

“To sport a Korean hairstyle, we must have healthy hair, which starts at the scalp. Another key to healthy hair is volume and curls,” says Ms Rose, the prime of a Korean lady with her clear, fair skin and cheery attitude. She emphasised that we should take care of our scalp by cleansing it daily, and making sure to use light hair products so as to not weigh down the hair and reduce the volume that we desire. I went there feeling frustrated with my thick hair, and came out with layered hair, and soft curls that framed my face — a first for me, as I am just starting my hair journey with a blow dryer and hair straightener.

I was greeted with a choice of coffee, tea or even alcohol as a welcome drink. After consultation, Rose started the pampering session by washing my hair – a real treat thanks to her awesome massaging skills. And then, I was on the lush leather chair where she worked her magic. My tresses were treated with utter care and dedication as she cut my hair with full concentration, occasionally chatting with me to make sure that I was alright with what she was doing.

“Where are you going afterwards?” asked Rose with her cute Korean accent. “A date” I replied. This was what she did for me:

Curls 6
side view
side view 2

I am happy with the results! Although I do look more mature than my normal look, I thought this was a different look I was willing to try, and if possible, recreate it at home. (Tried it, not as good as what Ms Rose did but it’s still a refreshing hairstyle.)

Here are more inspirations Korean hair inspirations for you!

If you are looking for a Korean hair salon, there are many island-wide, including Bella K Beauty House, newly-opened and located at 1 Nassim Road. It’s opened daily from 10.30am to 8.30pm, and you can make appointments by calling 6734-3724 or by sending an SMS to 8127-7904.

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