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I have to say that when Kristen first asked me if I wanted to go and try a slimming session at Kris by Mence, I was a little sceptical. I mean, could you blame the guy that lost weight one painful kilogram at a time for thinking that losing weight quickly and safely wasn’t a fantasy?

Well, here’s something not many people hear me say: I was wrong. I’m happy to say that the treatments did work on me, with measurable results.

Before I continue, I just want to say that I think different people will have varying results with their treatments and that my experience may not entirely encapsulate yours should you choose to go. However, I do think that there is sufficient efficacy in the treatments to help people achieve weight loss.

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Luxurious Layouts


The facilities at Kris by MENCE are, without a doubt, top class. The rooms are beautifully fitted-out, spacious and well-lit. Designed for the busy executive, each room comes with built in showers for a quick post-treatment bath before you get back to your day. Each room is also equipped with a TV and an iPad for personal entertainment. You can queue up music on iPads or even watch your favourite shows if you want to while you go through your treatment session.

There are also couple rooms if you want to spend some time being pampered with a loved one as well!


The Treatments: You Will Sweat

Kris by MENCE promises that its treatments will help customers get in shape in two months and it’s no lie.

The treatment that I went through induced the physiological reactions I experience during regular exercise, most obvious of which was perspiration, increased body temperature and heightened heart rate. Best of all, the MENCE Novel Weight Loss System is non-invasive, so I didn’t have to worry about anyone poking anything to me. All I needed to do was to lie down and let the machines do the work.

The treatment has three distinct components: A heating system that encourages lymphatic drainage, a fat-softening ultrasound system and my favourite “passive exercise” body toning machine. Yes guys, you can work your abs without working them out!

Lymphatic Drainage process

The lymphatic drainage process works via an infrared heating. A dome placed over the body, right up to your chest. At no point does the body touch any heating element, so it’s entirely safe. The machine starts up slowly, so it doesn’t get too hot too quickly. My therapist was really nice, and would often ask me if I wanted a drink of water. I was also quite comforted by the fact that she left a call button near me, in case I needed anything. I was perspiring heavily after the requisite half hour treatment.

Fat softening process (1)
My treatment was customised according to my personal requirements, meaning that the ultrasound fat softening therapy was used in conjunction with my lymphatic draining heat treatment. Ultrasound therapy pads, which would help to soften my tummy fat, were strapped onto me for about half an hour.

kris by mence review 1

The last treatment I had involved placing pads that would run a mild electrical current to my muscles, causing them to contract like I was working them out. Since my tummy was the problem spot, the pads were placed all over it and my therapist took the time to adjust the current so it wasn’t too strong for me.

What I liked about treatments at Kris by MENCE was that it wasn’t a template type of slimming. The therapist would examine the key issue, and then tailor the duration, intensity and focus of the session. For me, my tummy fat was a little hard, which meant that I had a higher focus placed on the ultrasound treatment.

When it came down to the results, I lost 100 grams and 1cm off my tummy from that one treatment alone. Do note that I replaced all lost fluids before the post treatment weigh-in and exceeded my regular water intake for that day, so I definitely did not lose any water weight.

The treatment that I tried is a 90-minute body treatment, consisting of three 30-minute treatments. This treatment costs SGD390, but first-time customers can enjoy a special trial promotion at SGD69. If you want to find out more, I suggest heading over to their website.

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