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Water boils at 100 degC. But if you want to elevate its boiling point, you can add salt to it.

Think of the new Lancome Essence In Lotion as the salt that’s added to water – it can take the effects of your brightening skincare regime to a higher level.

Lancome has always had a focus on whitening, as seen from its comprehensive range of products from its Blanc Expert collection. The Melanolyser Spot Eraser has been loved by its fans for a long time, for its ability to diminish the appearance of dark spots, and its Derm-Crystal Essence delivers the look of translucent skin.

This year, one of its most-anticipated launches has to be the Essence In Lotion, which introduces a new step in the skincare routine. This hybrid between cosmetic water and serum is delivers water to the skin for sustained hydration.


As the first step of the skincare regime, after cleansing, it primes the skin for the brightening products that are applied thereafter. It is specially designed to be paired with a potent whitening product like the Blanc Expert Melanolyser Spot Eraser, so the brightening regime can be enhanced.

The new Blanc Expert Essence in Lotion contains:

  • Mint, rose & gentiana extracts: Inflammation plays a key role in skin pigmentation disorders, and the extracts help to liberate the skin from inflammatory messengers
  • Actyl P: This targets the melanocytes (cells that produce melanin) and reduces melanin production
  • Aquatoryl: It delivers a moist finish and re-plumping effect to the skin.
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Did it work?


If you’re familiar with Lancome’s Blanc Expert range, you’re definitely no stranger to the delicate texture and pleasant scent of its products. The Lancome Essence In Lotion is no different in that it has a luxurious texture that feels very soothing on the skin,

Packaged in a large bottle, the formula is dispensed from the opening of the bottle as you pour it out onto your palm. It comes out as delicate droplets that are reminiscent of the morning dew on a rose.

The formula are slightly thicker than water (that’s why it forms droplets on your palm) but once you warm it up by massaging it, it breaks into a refreshing water texture and gets drank up by the skin immediately.

I love that it has a slightly cooling sensation, and it very quickly and efficiently hydrate the skin. My skin felt soft and smooth immediately, and was also supple and moist. This intense hydration helps to improve my skin’s clarity immediately, and my skin feels very soothed. I also appreciate that my skin looked as though it has taken a drink from the fountain of youth, such that it looked less tired, and makeup can be applied more smoothly. The appearance of pores also looked smaller.

Blanc Expert Melanolyser [AI] Brightness Diffusing Essence In Lotion (150ml) retails at SGD110. It will be available from 5 March 2015 at all Lancome counters.

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