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I know it’s only October and you’re not reading the title wrong; I’ve planned ahead of time and decided the Christmas gift I’d like to have for myself this year is a pampering facial treatment, as a way to give myself a pat on the shoulder for surviving this busy but very fulfilling year. (I’ll gladly accept this as a Christmas gift for my dearest husband and/or friends, if any of you are reading this. Wink wink.)

I’ve visited the Lancôme boutique at Capitol Piazza recently, to try its signature Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Treatment. You may already know that I’m a fan of the Lancôme Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate, and this star product is featured at the heart of this wonderful 90-minute facial service. And here are the reasons why I’d gladly go back for it again as my Christmas treat this year:

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1. The Lancôme facial cabin is a haven of serenity

Hidden at a quiet room at the back of the Lancôme boutique at Capitol Piazza, it’s easy to miss the facial cabin, which has its door blend seamlessly with the wall of the boutique. Entering it brings me to a peaceful sanctuary. It was quiet and gave a sense of harmony, and it made use of both chromotherapy (colour therapy) through the dim coloured lights above the bed, and music therapy to ease my senses.

lancome facial review

Are you able to see the door?

The bed where I lay on was able to shift its shape according to how my therapist wanted using a control. As such, she was able to make sure I was in the perfect position for the facial treatment and massage, and that I also was in the most comfortable position throughout the session.

2. The facial treatment kicked off with a relaxing massage

Unlike most facial services that begin with cleansing of the face, the therapist began the session with a unique massage that involved the stretching of my limbs. I understand that this step doesn’t just help to set my body and mind at ease, but also encourages micro-circulation so that efficacy of the facial treatment will be enhanced.

lancome facial review

It was a real treat for me.

I really appreciated this welcome massage. I usually have to rush down for my facial treatments after work or an appointment, and I often still feel tired and my heart pumping from the haste. This massage helps prepare my mind and body for a real pampering experience. I could feel my heartbeat slowing down to a calm pace, my breathing relaxing to an easy rhythm, and the soreness at my feet from my heeled shoes melting away.

3. The therapist is very professional and knowledgeable

lancome facial review

I don’t particularly like my therapists making small talk with me during the facial service because I consider it me-time for unwinding. However, I appreciate greatly if the therapist shares more with me about what was going on during the facial treatment, which product she was using, and how the step helped with my skin health. Even better if she can dispense skincare tips that are relevant to me.

This was exactly what the Lancôme therapist did. In a gentle but very professional tone, she explained thoroughly the steps we were going through, and also taught me how to better use my Advanced Genifique Eye Light Pearl, when she found out from me that I’m currently using it. I left the facial cabin feeling not only that my skin health had improved, so had my beauty IQ.

4. The facial treatment worked

lancome facial review

The equipment in the cabin.

After the body massage and basic cleansing, the facial treatment featured a generous infusion of the Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate on my face. This was enhanced with the Duo Lift equipment, which uses ultrasound waves to very gently vibrate the skin cells so that more of the product can go more deeply into the skin. After this, a mask was applied, and the session was finished with the Youth Activating Concentrate again, the Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector (also a serum), Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Eye Concentrate, and the Visionnaire Correcting Advanced Emulsion (a moisturiser).

When the facial treatment finished, I looked into the mirror to find my pores looking more refined, and my complexion brighter and less tired than it was when I entered the facial cabin. It also looked plumper and more hydrated. My husband, who was waiting for me patiently at the boutique commented that my cheeks felt softer and smoother to touch. This is definitely the skin quality I’d like to have when I go for Christmas gatherings in December.

Would you like to enjoy the Lancôme Youth Activating Treatment this Christmas too?

This 90-minute treatment usually costs SGD280, but lucky for you, you’ll be able to enjoy it for practically free!

In celebration of Christmas, you can sign up for this indulgent facial treatment at Lancôme’s Paragon Atrium at just SGD120 – but guess what – this is fully redeemable for Lancôme products. And if you sign up before 20 October, 11.59pm, you’ll also receive a four-piece gift set worth SGD103. (EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s been extended to 23 October, 11.59pm!)

This is what you can get in the four-piece gift set.

This is what you can get in the four-piece gift set.

What this means is that for SGD120, you’ll get to enjoy Lancôme products (worth SGD120), the Youth Activating Treatment (worth SGD280), and a gift set (worth SGD103). That’s SGD503 worth of products and services, if you’ve been calculating!

Want to enjoy this fabulous Christmas treat?

Click here to register now.

You should check out the above link to find out more about all the other Christmas activities and treats that Lancôme has lined up at the Paragon Atrium from 29 October to 4 November 2015 too!


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