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When Laneige launched their flagship store at ION Orchard, they also announced that a few products will be retailing exclusively at the store – yes, only at the ION Orchard store, not even in Korea. One of these exclusive products that caught our eyes is the Laneige Lip Card.

These are lip colour that comes in the form of a card, for you to put between your lips, press your lips against it, and voila – coloured lips! Three of us in the editorial team put the Lip Card to the test so you’ll know if it’s worth checking out.

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How to use

Fold the card into half, put it between your lips, and clamp your lips down onto the card to transfer the colour onto your lips.

Wrong way

Kissing the lip card (1)

Right way

lip card application

What we think of it

tiara lip card 1

Tiara says:

Application was quite messy as it got all over my teeth and it didn’t fill my lip area in one “blot”. I blended it out (and picked up a little bit more product from the card itself) using my fingers and removed the lip colour that got transferred on my teeth. After that, IT WAS PERFECT! Love the colour (Flash Pink), pigmentation and formula. It’s moisturizing and doesn’t settle into the lines on my lips. Because of the colour, it brightened up my complexion.

joane lip card 2 joane lip card 1

Joane says:

I love that the colour is flattering on my skin tone (I have neutral under tone), and that the colour is exact to what is shown in the package. However, to get the colour exactly onto the lips, I find that I had to spread the colour out with my finger or a lip brush. The colour is somewhat buildable, and the colour that I wore (Flair Magenta) is very versatile and great for everyday wear.

lip card juliet 2

Kristen Juliet says:

I find it hard to get my entire lips stained with one press (see photo below), although I can see that the card helps create a beautiful lip shape, so it’s really quite a shame that it doesn’t fit my lips exactly. I will need to use my fingers to fill the colours onto my lips. However, the colour is vivid, and I like how moisturising it feels and the glossy finish. So while it doesn’t function just like what it’s meant to be, I think it’s a great product to bring along in the party clutch.

lip card juliet 1

Laneige Lip Card is available in 20 shades and retails at SGD10 for a pack of 4. It is available exclusively at the new Laneige flagship store is located at #B3-53, ION Orchard.

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