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My husband and I are workaholics. Other than spending time at work, we spend a lot of our off-duty hours doing work, reading about work-related news and tips, and on weekend, if we are not working, we just want to catch up with all the rest we didn’t manage to have on weekdays.

This is why we only spend very small pockets of time “dating”. Sometimes it’s over a jog, watching our favourite shows, or cooking together. In other words, our dates don’t last beyond an hour. I don’t even remember us having a proper Valentine’s Day plan in place, ever.

Entrance of HAM

Valentine’s Day is on Sunday this year, and I am sure everywhere will be crowded. And if you haven’t made a reservation by now, you can really forget about dinner plans at anywhere fancy. So if you are like us, this Valentine’s Day, I have a suggestion for you: Check out Huang Ah Ma, an oriental spa concept that is opened until 3am every day. This means that even if you decide to celebrate on a weekday evening, you can consider enjoying light dinner before the spa session, or go for a spa session first and then end the day with indulgent supper.

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Did I like it?

Group Massage Area

And I know I like the idea because that’s exactly what my husband and I did last week. We decided to take some time off on a weekday night to indulge in a late night foot and body massage at Huang Ah Ma after having some snacks for dinner.


The treatment began with Huang Ah Ma’s signature foot soak, followed by foot massage. We were ushered to very comfortable couches that allow us to adjust the incline according to our preference.


At the same time, there is a television in front of us so we can be entertained while the foot massage is administered. The therapists were very caring, there was never a moment we don’t feel at home. They made sure we were comfortable, that we weren’t too warm or cold, that the pressure they used were just right.

It actually felt like I was at home with my husband on a normal TV night, except that while watching TV and chatting, we were also enjoying a satisfying foot massage.


Then, we were brought to a couple room for our body massage. By then, it was already pretty late, and probably also because the foot massage has relaxed us, we chatted for a while and then dozed off for the rest of the massage; we had a very good rest.


If you’re intending to make an appointment at Huang Ah Ma for Valentine’s Day, you’ll be happy to know that the same treatment that I’ve done (1-hour Foot Massage and 1-hour Signature Body Massage) will be available at a promotional price of SGD88 per person in the month of February. Book as a couple to enjoy complimentary upgrade to the couple’s room, but note that it is subjected to availability.


If you and your beau prefer facials to massages, I recommend the Imperial Night Beauty Late Facial Spa (SGD238), an eight-step facial that rejuvenates skin.

Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa Chamber is located at Porcelain Hotel, 50 Mosque Street. Call 6536-1661 to make an appointment.