With the wide range of anti-ageing aesthetic solutions available in the market, the French-based LPG® Endermospa is a refreshing breath of fresh air brought into Singapore by Mary Chia Holdings.

Featuring the patented cell stimulation Cellu M6® technology, the treatment came about when the founder Louis-Paul Guitay met with a car accident in 1985 and required physical therapy. It was only after going through several massages that he realised he wasn’t getting results as quickly as he expected due to the inconsistencies in the manual massages. He started researching on creating a machine that was able to perform the task more efficiently, leading to the birth of the non-invasive Endermologie®.

Giving your system a reboot


Since its creation, the technology has undergone more than 128 scientific studies, making it the preferred choice among celebrities and athletes worldwide for connective tissue and muscle recovery. Furthermore, this 7th-generation model equipment has been proven to deliver results by way of releasing stubborn fat cells using the ERGODRIVE treatment head while stimulating natural collagen and elastin production. In short, it complements a healthy diet and regular exercise regime by giving your system a gentle push (or pull, to be more accurate) from the outside.


Incidentally, LPG® has also been making its presence felt at the Cannes Film Festival for the past five years as the festival’s lifestyle partner, sealing its reputation as the red carpet choice of discreet beautifying and pampering.

How did we find the LPG Lipomassage?


Prior to my session, the very experienced therapist explained that the LPG® Lipomassage works against gravity to stimulate and rejuvenate my body’s natural hyaluronic acid production. Using a fold and unfold septa non-invasive suction, the Mecano-Stimulation’s micro-motor is supposed to activate deep dormant cell activity in the deeper layers of my skin to deliver the benefits of equivalent to 2 hours of light physical activity in 40 minutes.

After a short examination, my therapist recommended to focus on my problem areas, namely my stomach and thighs. I was presented with a set of LPG® Endermowear that is specifically designed to gently hold onto the skin for greater effectiveness during the treatment.

While the results are not drastically obvious, I could certainly feel the difference in my skin texture, which felt bouncier and suppler. My overall skin texture also feel smoother and less bumpy compared to before the treatment, which the therapist mentioned was due to the underlying cellulite in my skin.

It was also heartening to see that after years of jogging, yoga and dancing, which didn’t quite turn me into Giselle Bündchen, I could also see slight improvement in my thigh contours, something which I would think would be a happy outcome for many of my peers who have the same fate of having a pear-shaped body.

This technology is also available in facial rejuvenating treatment Anti-Aging Resculpting Endermolift®, which as the treatment’s name suggest, boosts the collagen, e30stin and hyaluronic acid production with light micropulses to slow and reverse your skin’s ageing with a gentle re-contouring.


The flagship store for LPG® treatments is located at Endermospa Singapore, #05-22A, Ngee Ann City Tower B. For list of centres that carry the technology, check out their website.