In the past, lip glosses used to be an alternative for those who are fearful of intense but drying lipsticks, or those who prefer something with high shine. The new generation of lip glosses can be offered to a wider audience, and can now be seen even on the lips of those who demand both high intensity and high shine.

The soon-to-launch Artist Plexi-Gloss by Make Up For Ever is spot-on for this lip gloss trend. This range of 35 shades offer intense colours, great stay-on power and high shine.


The inspiration

Have you ever seen things made out of Plexiglas before? It is an acrylic material that may be coloured but is transparent, and is great at light diffusion. This material also inspired Make Up For Ever founder, Dany Sanz, in her creation of the new Artist Plexi-Gloss.

Like the Plexiglas, the Plexi-Gloss is vibrant, shiny and true to the colour that you see in the tube.

Is the Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss good?


The first thing that impressed me is how huge the collection is. THIRTY-FIVE SHADES! There’s definitely something for everyone, since it carries everything from clear gloss to black gloss.

The other rather “cool” thing about this new product is in its applicator. The rounded tip of the brush makes it easy to fill the Cupid’s bow and you can use the flat side to trace along the lip contour.

While the texture is a little sticky (so you’d better make sure that your hair is tied up on a windy day so it won’t stick to your lips), it makes it up with great longevity. It can easily stay on the lips for up to five hours.



What I’m wearing is the 302P, which I suspect will be a crowd-pleaser. It is a very versatile shade that can go with almost any eye makeup that you’re already wearing. This can be worn its own for a nude lips look, or on top of your favourite lip colour to give it a touch of glamour.



And this is in #501, which is bold purple shade, but is less intimidating than if you were to wear the same colour in the form of lipstick. I also love how the high shine of this lip product makes the look appear more trendy, instead of gothic.

Check out the swatches of all 35 shades that are available in the collection.


The Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss are available at SGD36, from 16 April 2015, at all Sephora stores and at the Make Up For Ever Academy & Pro-Loft, located at #01-06, 36 Armenian St.