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The first and only hospital-approved body toning centre in Hong Kong has finally opened their first branch in Singapore. Kris by Mence’s launch was graced by ambassadors, TVB actors, Lau Dan, Wu Fung and Otto Chan at their new space in Robinsons Point.

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For 71-year-old Lau Dan (could you tell his age?), maintaining his waistline and looking more rejuvenated were his objectives when it comes to spa treatments.

Veteran HK actor Liu Dan sharing how MENCE has helped him to keep himself so fit

“Due to long filming hours, I don’t usually have enough time to rest. So sometimes when I have 1-2 hours of free time, I will visit Mence for face-lifting and weight loss treatment so that I don’t look very tired during filming and to maintain my waistline,” he says.

He sees the treatments as an integral part of his life because looking “presentable and energetic” is important to him. “Especially for businessmen because first impression is one of the determining elements during a business meeting,” he explains.

Famous HK TVB actors Liu Dan, Otto Chan and wife Ticia Law came Singapore for the Grand Opening of Kris by MENCE

Mence offers a set of patented treatments that not only help in reducing body fat percentage and toning the body, but also in reducing visceral fats (fats around internal organs) , which is often the cause of diseases including high cholesterol and high blood sugar. Suitable for all ages, Mence treatments are a hit with Hong Kong celebrities.

For TVB actor and Mr Hong Kong winner, Otto Chan, regular body treatments become an important regime especially after he suffered a serious back injury from filming in 2007.

Otto Chan showing off his 8 packs during the grand opening of Kris by MENCE

“The doctor informed me that I couldn’t exercise for 5 months. It was a difficult time for me because I was a winner of Mr Hong Kong and I need to keep myself fit for all the filming,” says Otto.

Professional consultant bringing celebs around to tour around the newly opened Kris by MENCE

The inability to exercise puts his body shape on the line, but visiting Mence helped him to lose 30 pounds, and put him in a good shape to take up the characters that he need to portray.

Otto Chan and wife Ticia Law checking out the treatment room at Kris by MENCE

“My characters in dramas usually involve showing of muscular physique and fighting scenes, hence I need to maintain my body shape. But most of the time after all the fighting scenes and late night filming, I feel very tired. Mence treatments are very helpful to me cause I can relax, do training and improve my health at the same time,” he says.

MENCE, the leading skincare and body toning authority in Hong Kong, is finally in Singapore with the launch of Kris by MENCE

Besides body contouring treatments, Kris by Mence also offers facial treatments. The unisex centre comes with VIP rooms that are equipped with private bathrooms and television sets. Located at Robinsons Point, Kris by Mence may be right in the heart of the city, but delivers a sense of tranquility, thanks to the thoughts put into interior design and service.

Kris By Mence Couple Suite Treatment Room

Kris by Mence is located at 39 Robinsons Road #07-03 Robinsons Point. Visit their website for more information.

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