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Most of our fashion brands have already launched their own fragrances. Prada has a few signature fragrances under them, and there’s no reason why Miu Miu hasn’t jumped onto the bandwagon. Thankfully, they finally took the plunge last year.

As the brand’s first-ever perfume, which simply called Miu Miu, there is lots of expectations invested in it. The new fragrance obviously has to exude the spirit of the brand through its look and scent. The product is positioned as a provocative, youthful, playful fragrance, created by perfumer Danielle Roche Andrier, who is also the nose behind many fragrances by Prada (and Bulgari, Marni, and Bottega Veneta).

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What are the notes in Miu Miu?

miu miu first perfume
The Lily of the Valley is the main focus of this floral fragrance, and you’ll also find accords from rose, jasmine, pepper, oud and patchouli, in it. A special ingredient, akigalawood, can also be found in its composition, giving it a unique woody scent.

Do we like Miu Miu’s first-ever perfume?

If you think that the scent was going to be very sweet, because of the heavy use of florals, you’ll be surprised. With the other elements in the fragrance, the scent turns out to be very well-balanced and sophisticated – something that I didn’t really expect given the playful and cheery look of the bottle.

miu miu first ever fragrance

I like the flacon, which stands out on my mantle with its bright colours that I’ve not seen many other brands use for perfumes. The body is reminiscent of Miu Miu’s famous matelassé leather bags – you’ll definitely be able to make a smart guess which brand it is representing without any hint given.

I’ve used this fragrance a few times, and while I don’t dislike the scent, I must say it isn’t something particularly memorable. This is how I see it: it’s probably not one you’ll wear to a first date where you want a pleasant but striking fragrance to leave an impression, but if you’re looking for something that’s easy-on-the-nose and crowd-pleasing for everyday wear, this might just be a good, well-balanced fragrance to go for.

And I want to point out one minor detail that I like about it: the way the perfume dispenses from the nozzle. Somehow it felt more diffused and fine, more like a very refined mist, which leaves no wet spots on the area that I spray on.

Watch the face of the Miu Miu campaign, Stacy Martin, in this really adorable video:

Miu Miu’s first fragrance’s prices start at SGD147 for 50ml and is accompanied by complementing body lotion, shower gel, and body cream.

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