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Shunji Matsuo is well-known for their chain of hair salons. The hairstylist is now introducing Moisteane, to Singapore, a eight-step skincare system from Japan. We were surprised by the news because it marks Shunji Matsuo’s first step into the skincare realm. The renowned hairstylist is himself a fan of Moisteane, having tried it out for over a year and seen excellent results.

The Moisteane system was developed by a leading medical equipment laboratory in Japan, and is said to use the freshest skincare ingredients to build a personally prescribed routine for every client.

In true Japanese fashion, customers are taken through a personal, guided trial session so that we can experience the entire routine and effects of the products before we decide if they’re worth investing in. The feeling of being guided so closely was akin to learning how to walk again in my skincare journey, which also has to do with how different Moisteane’s skincare system is in terms of technique and innovation, not to mention the number of steps there are.

My personal Moisteane beauty consultant, Angelina, explained everything from the origins of the company to my beauty goals. One noteworthy thing I learned was that Moisteane advocates “no rubbing, no scrubbing, no stretching” of our face to prevent our skin’s protective barrier from being stripped.

Moisteane Skin Conditioner

A special feature is the Skin Conditioner (SGD915) that releases an adjustable warm current to deliver potent anti-ageing ingredients of the products deep into the skin, effectively reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

What is the Moisteane system at Shunji Matsuo like first-hand?

Moisteane’s products

The routine began with cleansing using Moisteane’s Vitamin E-rich, lotion-type Cleansing Serum (SGD82). I rubbed it in my palms to further emulsify it and simply patted my palms all over my face. That’s apparently all it takes for the serum to work its magic, thoroughly yet gently cleansing the face of makeup and grease.

Foaming net (left, in bowl) and Hydra Soap Palm (centre)

Angelina then proceeded to show me how to use a cleansing net (a popular invention in Japan) to lather up a dense foam from the Hydra Soap Palm (SGD38) – a round soap bar rich in collagen and moisture content. I simply had to cup the foam in my hands, lay it on my face and let it sit for awhile, which was a quite a novelty to me. Apparently, due to its ultra-tiny bubbles, no massaging if needed for the foam to seep through the surface of my skin and effectively remove old sebum and dead skin cells.

Thereafter, I had to apply the amino acid-rich Deep Serum (SGD127) to my face thrice. She then saturated a cotton pad attached to the Skin Conditioner with the serum and simply rested the device on different areas of my face for about a second each.

I got to try using the Skin Conditioner device myself to apply the Balancing Lotion Extra (SGD90) that contains Ginseng Root extract, an ingredient known for diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and activating skin cell renewal.

It ended with moisturising and sun protection. Both the moisturisers, Virtuoso (SGD68) and UV Protect (SGD63), work hand-in-hand to lock in moisture and protect the skin against the drying effects of things like makeup and air-conditioning.

Post-Moisteane routine

Despite using so many products, my skin didn’t feel oily like I thought it would. Instead, it was noticeably brighter and my pores and premature fine lines were smoothed out. There’s definitely a sense of achievement in learning so many steps and I can see how a prolonged commitment to the Moisteane system will produce amazing anti-ageing results!

Moisteane is exclusively available at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio, Ngee Ann City Tower B #05-23. Call 6238-1522/1514 to book a trial.