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I don’t know how this post is going to turn out because I haven’t carefully planned it. I want to be candid (since most of my readers are women anyway) but I’m hoping this is not going to sound awkward.

And so I decided to take the plunge after Strip extended their invite to me a few times to try out the Brazillian Wax. The first time they asked, I turned it down. The second time, I told them I’ll gladly go for their underarm waxing instead instead. And like they say, third time’s the charm, right? So when I was asked by them for the third time, I decided not to run away and go for it just so that I can live and tell the story.

I arrived at their store at Tampines 1, which has a beautiful Mongolian theme.

tampines 1 strip outlet, mongolian theme

Because it’s my virgin experience, they guided me through the process and bust some myths with me just so that I could go through the procedure relaxed and at ease. Here’s the ultra cute picture book that they used.

strip picture book - virgin brazillian wax explanation

Summary of the explanation, Strip only employs professionals to administer the Brazillian wax and uses tools and procedures that are of utmost hygiene. Also, there’s nothing to feel embarrassed about because these are professionals doing their job (you know, like gynaes!) and to them, it’s just hair.

And before I went for it, I got to choose companions that I want to bring in with me to keep me company.

toys at strip for brazillian wax

I went with Monkey on my right and Koala on my left.

And then we were in the room, I cleaned up and laid on the bed with slight anxiety.

treatment room at strip

The therapist began by trimming off the hair, and then asked which type of wax I’d like to go for. I opted for chocolate. I’ll save the details on how exactly she did the waxing, because honestly, I can’t really remember too. All I remembered was that I yelped at certain points because it was really painful. And that being said, I have high threshold for pain, so yes, be warned. There may be a bit of bleeding (I bled :(), especially if your skin is dry.

Perhaps what’s more important was the result. I opted for the therapist to remove all hair (you could choose bikini line, or shapes). Since I’m there as a first-timer to experience how it’s like, I might as well go full monty, right? Waxing is incredibly clean, so it leaves the skin smooth. There is a bit of redness, but it heals after a few days. It’s strange to feel bare down-there, but I can see why people are hooked to it – because it makes cleaning up much easier.

And what’s a review without a before-and-after photo right? I’m thinking most of you here are women, and since I’m just going to crop a small portion of my skin, it should be okay, yeah? Don’t think of it as a private organ, just think of it as normal skin, okay?

Here you go…


















Yeah, right! ;)

The Strip outlet I visited is at #02-27, Tampines 1. For list of Strip locations, visit their website.