There’s a natural attraction that most girls have to the Benefit Cosmetics Beauty Kits. They consist of miniature (note: cute) sized Benefit products, all housed in a beautiful mini box (note: cute), finished with smart lines and descriptions, that simply make us want to get our hands on them. After the success of kits like Finding Mr. Bright (which consists of the brand’s highlighters, concealer and primer) and Smokin’ Eyes (one kit for all brows and eyes needs), the San Francisco brand launched three more kits recently.

We give you a closer look at the three new kits and tell you what we honestly think about them:

Primping With The Stars


What’s in there: Stay Don’t Stray (primer), Some Kind-a Gorgeous (foundation, medium), The Porefessional (pore-concealing balm), Girl Meets Pearl (highlighter), Benetint (lips and cheek tint) and They’re Real (mascara)

Daily Vanity says: This features a number of Benefit bestsellers, including They’re Real, Benetint and The Porefessional. If you’ve been wanting to have a try at the star products in Benefit, you could probably get this kit as a sampler, so you could decide if you really want to get them in full size.

Do The Bright Thing


What’s in there: That Gal (brightening primer), High Beam (highlighter), Dandelion (blusher), Bad Gal Liner (eyeliner) and They’re Real (mascara)

Daily Vanity says: This is probably the most complete kit of the three. You have everything that you need before you head out, and everything you need should you need to touch up. If you’ve been looking for mini products that are great for travelling or simply to bring around, this is probably a great one for you.

The Bronze of Champions


What’s in there: Watts Up (highlighter), Bikini-tini (cream shadow), Thanks A Latte (powder shadow), Hoola (bronzer), They’re Real (mascara)

Daily Vanity says: We say this is the most versatile kit among the three. The taupe coloured eyeshadows work great with any skin tone, so does Hoola, the bestselling bronzer in Benefit. Unlike the other kits, where you have to discern if the foundation (in Primping with the stars) or blusher (in Do the bright thing) will work with your skin tone, this kit is an absolute one-kit-fits-all.

Final word

The cons: 

  • You may not like all the products in one kit but because there’s no way to customise, you have to get them the way they’re packaged in.
  • They’re in really mini sizes, so it may be tough to use some of them, for example, the mascara, if you’re very used to handling a bigger wand.

The pros

  • It’s easy to find skincare products in mini size – but we can’t say the same for makeup. The sizes of these make them perfect for travelling. Simply carry the entire kit or remove them from the kits and put them in your cosmetics pouch. 
  • It’s a great chance for you to sample Benefit products you’ve always wanted to try but are not sure if they work for you.
  • Every kit comes with a Tips & Tricks booklet so you can pick up some makeup techniques along the way.
  • The boxes are so cute! You can reuse them for storing other things after you’re done with its content.
  • They aren’t so expensive too. At just SGD50 per kit at Benefit counters and Sephora.