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I find it really interesting that Kiehl’s really knows what women are looking for. While the market is offering anti-wrinkle creams in one line, and pore-reducing cream in another, here, we have Kiehl’s offering a two-in-one solution – the new Powerful Wrinkles & Pore Reducing Cream. The new line also features an eye cream.

Kiehls Powerful Wrinkle And Pore Reducing Cream
From interaction with real-life friends and friends of Daily Vanity, I realise that many women in their 20s and early 30s tend to face several skin concerns at a time. And most of us can’t seem to make up our mind as to what to use so as to get the best of both worlds.

Enlarged pores is a common problem that women with combination and oily skin type face and at the same time, many women are concerned with fighting their first signs of ageing.

These two products helps to support the elastin fibres that begin to weaken as we hit our 20s. As our elastin fibres weaken, we’d also start seeing problem like sagging skin, appearance of wrinkles, and enlarged pores. Have you ever seen how the holes of your plaster become larger as you tug at it  – yes, that’s kind of like what happens to your skin when your elastin fibres begin to give way.

The duo works by delivering copper and calcium PCAs, both micronutrients that the body needs for its normal functioning. Copper also encourages the body to produce more elastin naturally, while it is also an antioxidant to protect skin from free radicals from UV damage and pollution. As for calcium, it is an essential ingredient that improves cell turnover.

The products have a rather luxurious cream texture but absorbs easily into skin after a bit of massaging. Despite its creamy appearance, it doesn’t feel oily but is lightweight, and leaves a velvety smooth texture on the skin after application. I wouldn’t say it’s super hydrating, but it does make the appearance of the skin more smooth right after application, kind of like a “filler” effect. I also love that the cream comes with SPF30, making it a great day cream (I would advise against using a moisturiser with sun protection for night, though)

The Powerful Wrinkles & Pore Reducing Cream and Eye Cream will be available at Kiehl’s in May. You can always ask for a sample to try them out for yourself first before you decide if you want to get it – sampling is one of the policies of Kiehl’s that I really appreciate and respect. The brand has also recently gone through a round of permanent price slashes – don’t forget to visit it again to check out the new prices of some of its bestsellers.