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Singapore’s beauty scene just got even more exciting as Purer Skin enters it with a range of products that are enriched with real bird’s nest. We first heard about the brand in an article by SG Entrepreneurs and was very excited to see what it has to offer.

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Why bird’s nest?

Rich in glycoproteins, sialic acid and epidermal growth factor, bird’s nest has been used for centuries as a youth elixir, believed to have the ability to nourish skin, making it younger and brighter-looking.

Purer Skin has a great advantage because they own bird’s nest farms and so are able to harvest this ingredient directly into the skincare products.

Does Purer Skin work?


There are four main products currently in the brand: the Miracle Serum (SGD66.90), Clarifying Toner (SGD35.90), Night Recovery (SGD40.90) and Crème Cleanser (SGD25.90). These almost form a complete regime – perhaps if they intend to include a day cream and sunscreen into their offering, they’d be very comprehensive.

Of them, the Miracle Serum is the star product, that promises to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. This product contains the most concentrated amount of Purer Source Bird’s Nest.

The serum is a transparent formula that has a slight tinge of yellow, very much like how bird’s nest soup look like. However, there is no residue in it. It has a slightly unpleasant scent that reminds me very much of the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (interestingly, it also claims to be able to deliver effects in 7 days, just like the “miracle water” claims). The product is dispensed through a dropper, so it’s absolutely easy and hygienic to use.

The serum absorbs very fast into the skin and makes the skin feel powdery-smooth right after application. Skin also feel more hydrated and supple.

Purer Skin is available at selected Watsons, Sasa and Metro. Visit the Purer Skin website for more information.

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