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If you follow digital influencers closely, you probably will be familiar with Number76. This salon has been raved about by top bloggers in Singapore such as Ang Qiu Ting (better known as Bong Qiu Qiu).

And Ringo (better known as Cheesie) in Malaysia.

Morning visit to @number_76 Orchard Gateway today to fix hair for photoshoot!! Styling by the danna ♡? #Number76SG #Number76

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Started in Tokyo, made more famous in KL


Number76 is founded by Daisuke Hamaguchi in Tokyo, Japan, in 2001, and later expanded into several locations in Kuala Lumpuur, Malaysia. From what we heard, their KL salons see a significant number of Singaporean customers, who make regular trips to the neighbouring country for their hair fixes. This year, the salon has finally made its way to Singapore – good news for Singaporean regulars and those of us who have heard so much about them!

We visited them and here’s what we thought

“Irasshaimase!” Leslie and I were greeted as we entered the salon. Modern and sleek, the salon gives off a cosy chic vibe that immediately makes me feel at home. Director Stylist, Steve was my stylist that day. I have been trying to grow out my hair and this is literally my first proper hairstyling session since I was remission from cancer and lost my hair to chemotherapy in 2014. My virgin hair has no style at all, and the only way I could look okay was to tie it up in a tiny ponytail. While that was a solution, I was really hoping that Steve could do something to make my hair look more stylish, and at the same time help it to eventually grow longer.


Steve explained that the back of my hair is growing faster than my front. If I don’t want to tie it up in a ponytail, I would need to keep trimming my hair to eventually let them grow out to the same length. This would mean that he’d need to do some trimming and give me a shorter ‘do. I trusted his professional analysis and just can’t wait to finally have a “hairstyle”.

How it went

The session began with a hair treatment: the Tansan Scalp Wash. This signature treatment uses CO2 infused in the water to remove excessive oil, chemical residues and dirt from the scalp. Then, using the water pressure, the impurities are washed away. I was then treated to a hydration treatment that promises to make my hair feel smoother and softer. The assistant stylist who was helped me with the treatment showed me the water from the Tansan wash, where bubbles formed at the water surface – these are the impurities that were drawn out, she explained. Thankfully, she told me that my scalp wasn’t so horrible to begin with.

The hair treatment was an indulgence. The level of service was similar to some of the best spas I’ve visited; the assistant was very attentive and would check with me on the temperature of the water used, on the strength she was using for the massage, made sure I was comfortable on the recline seat. I felt very well taken care of.


Then I was ushered to the seat for Steve to work his magic on my hair. I was expecting the haircut to be a quick one, considering I don’t have a lot of hair to begin with. But Steve was very perfectionistic and meticulous. Just as I thought the hairstyle already looked good enough for me to walk proudly out of the salon, he would tell me “it will be better if this is trimmed further, take a look”. He handed me a mirror for me to check what he meant. It felt like a collaboration between us, where he gave his professional input, and I decide for myself if I wanted him to get to a style with an even better shape, while compromising on length. I went with all his suggestions, and I wasn’t disappointed at all.


He finished the session with a styling lesson, teaching me how I could wear my hairstyle from day to day. The pride and knowledge he has in his work amazed me.



I was very satisfied with the overall look and am just elated that I finally have a “hairstyle”! While I can’t reach the level of styling Steve did for me at home, it wasn’t too difficult to get it to a good-looking shape. I have received several compliments for my hair and it made me very happy.


On the other end, Leslie has his hair done by Director Stylist, Amy. Amy did a hair analysis for Leslie where his scalp condition is magnified for viewing. Because his scalp is slightly oily, he also went through the Tansan Scalp Wash. Amy then coloured and cut Leslie’s hair. This is how a very satisfied Leslie looked after the session.


For cut, prices start at SGD56 for senior stylist (customers aged 5 and below gets a free cut), colouring services at SGD90 for short hair, and hair care treatments begin at SGD90. The Tansan Scalp Wash is available as an add-on for SGD15.

Number76 is located at #02-23 Orchard Gateway, and is opened daily from 11am to 9pm. Call 6385-7576/6385-6776 or email [email protected] for appointment and enquiries.


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