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When it comes to texture of skin, wrinkles and bumps are hard to hide. But the appearance of pores? You can do something about it.

Olay, which is best known for their cutting-edge and affordable anti-ageing pr
oducts, for the first time, launch a product that will sit in your makeup pouch instead: a CC cream.

The new Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream is an oil-free formula (so it won’t clog pores!) that helps conceal the appearance of pores by delivering an airbrushed finish. On top of this, it even promises pore-minimizing benefit. In two shades, Light and Medium, it can be used alone or as a primer under makeup.

Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream Review


Remember that this is a CC cream (colour correction cream) and not a BB cream that you may be more familiar with. In other words, don’t expect a full coverage with this formula. The intention of the product is to correct your skin tone’s colour in a natural-looking way.

The formula of this CC cream is very lightweight, with little coverage, but it does what it says – subtly conceal the look of pores. If you’re someone who’s used to using a normal foundation in your usual makeup regime, we’ll recommend that you use this CC cream as a primer, instead of alone. Also, it only carries SPF15, so you’ll still need a sunscreen with higher sun protection factor. We wish it could be of a higher SPF! But it may be kept low in order to keep the formula lightweight and non-greasy (products with higher SPF are typically thicker and oilier.)

This product also blends easily, and feels like a moisturiser more than a base product. The difference that it does to your skin after application is subtle, you may want to take a photo to note the change.

We’re not sure if it really helps reduce the size of pores in the long run, but it is definitely a promising product as a great primer before the rest of your makeup regime.