I’m not a fan of meal replacement plans. Or detox drinks. Or anything that’s all liquid, but is supposed to substitute my regular meal. What’s worse? I’m supposed to drink that for a few days. These usually taste disgusting, doesn’t keep you full and just make you crave greasy food more than ever.

While the ORBIS Petit Shake isn’t exactly the same as what I’ve mentioned, I still wasn’t thrilled when I was sent them, knowing that I should give it a try so I can write a good review for you.

I said the Petit Shake isn’t the same because while this is a one-meal replacement, you aren’t supposed to drink this for every meal – just one per day. It also doesn’t claim to have detox effects. What it does it that it has low calories so you can opt for it as one of your meals, instead of the plate of oily char kway teow.

Is The ORBIS Petit Shake Good?

Like I said, I have bad memories of meal replacement supplement, so I was very pleasantly surprised by our satisfying and delectable the ORBIS Petit Shake is.

I tried its limited edition tropical flavours (four flavours: Mixed Tropical Fruits; Mango; Acai, Banana & Red Grape; and Yogurt & Pink Grapefruit), which were sent to me for review.


Of them, I love the Acai, Banana & Red Grape most, probably because it tasted like Banana milk shake, which I love.

I like that there are fruit pulps that I understand are real, in every sachet, which gives the shake a very delicious texture to it. It is also naturally sweetened by the fruit extracts, making it a great dessert you can have – guilt-free!

The product is also nutritious in that it’s packed with 10 kinds of vitamins, iron and a water-soluble dietary fibre. The Japanese brand used Pectin as a thickening agent in the shake so that it produces a smoothie-like texture when it comes together with calcium in milk, and so it can help to fill empty stomachs.

While of course, it can’t fill you up as well as a plate of chicken rice does, I must say that it typically keeps me full enough for a meal. Typically, when I have it as lunch at 1pm, I will not feel hungry until around 5.30pm, which is almost dinnertime anyway. Plus, how many of us usually feel hungry at this time already, anyway? And if I have it at 7.30pm for dinner, I am kept full until I go to bed at midnight.

Unlike other meal replacement products I’ve tried, which leaves me feeling unsatisfied, this makes me feel “light” and “refreshed”. It’s an interesting feeling, but while I don’t feel “full”, I don’t feel “hungry” and upset at all.

And as a testimony to how much I love it, I actually went out to the ORBIS store to buy another seven boxes after I finished with what I had. My current favourite is the Matcha, and I’ve been religiously replacing one meal per day with it.

How To Make The ORBIS Petit Shake?


It’s easy to make too: All you need is a glass, pour in the contents from the sachet, and then add 100ml of milk into it. If you feel that you need to fill yourself up a little more, pour it a bit more milk. And then, just stir it up and gulp it down.

The ORBIS Petit Shake retails at SGD8.90 per box (two servings) for the limited edition tropical flavours, and SGD6.90 per box (two servings) for the regular flavours. That works out to just about SGD3.50 or SGD4.45 per “meal”, which is more or less the amount we spend on lunch on a work day anyway.

ORBIS Petit Shake is available at #01-46, Bishan Junction 8, Robinson Orchard (previously The Heeren) and Robinson Raffles City.