I haven’t dyed my hair in at least a year and Keith has never dyed his before. However, for the wedding, we decided that we should get our hair dyed, for different reasons: the bottom part of my hair and the top are of a different colour and it looks hilarious especially when I bun up my hair because it makes the bun look like a wig; Keith has a number of grey hair that he wants to cover up.

We visited Ecorganics, our hair sponsor for the wedding for help. Ecorganics is an organic hair salon located at the cosy and accessible Thomson Ridges, helmed by Eric Sun, its head stylist, who has eight years of experience in the hair industry. The diploma-holder in Precision Cutting, awarded by Toni & Guy, is passionate about the organic concept and is known to go through the ingredient list of, not just hair products, but also food products, to make sure there is no content that can possibly harm the body.


Eric Sun in the middle with his fellow stylists.

While insisting on organic means that the salon’s profit margins may be decreased, Eric still insists on this for Ecorganics’ customers because he has seen how it is more beneficial for health. For instance, his hands are no longer chapped, dry and red from chemical use.

The dye that Ecorganics use is from their in-house brand, Simply Organic, which does not contain any petroleum, ammonia or harsh chemicals.

How Does Organic Hair Dye Work?

The chemicals in traditional hair dye are usually added to ensure that the colours are absorbed into the hair. So how does the Simply Organic hair dye work?

Using a fruit pectin that is slightly acidic, the formula opens up the pores of the hair so that colour can seep through.

Don’t worry about the longevity of the hair dye. I was told that the results are just as good – if not better.

What Do We Think Of Organic Dye?

Usually after a normal dye job, I’d notice obvious ammonia smell on my hair, which will take a few washes before it goes away. The Simply Organic dye isn’t just void of this unpleasant smell, it also smell fruity to me (probably because of the botanical-based ingredient). Instead of feeling dry, like how my hair usually feels after it is dyed, my hair actually feels soft and smooth, in part because of the hair treatment that Eric administered on my hair after the dye.


As for Keith, his grey hair were thoroughly and very naturally covered. As someone who has never dyed his hair before, he was also impressed by how fast the process is, while delivering good results, and that there wasn’t any stinging feeling on the scalp because there is no chemical used in the formula.


Note that unlike commercial dye we are more familiar with where colours fade off after washing, the actual colour of the Simply Organic dye comes out only after a few washes. I chose a light brown colour and was at first worried after my hair looked more dark brown than light, although I thought it could be that my hair was too dark to carry off the light colour. But it was after a few washes that the vibrancy of the light brown dye began to show through.

Hair Tips For Brides


  • Visit your hair salon about two to three weeks in advance to dye your hair and get at trim. Visiting it too close to your wedding may be too risky.
  • Slightly layered hair can help with hairstyling on your wedding day – just don’t go too avant garde with it.
  • If you have sensitive skin and scalp, consider going for organic treatments and dye because it is less risky – you won’t want to carry an itch, redness or sting while preparing for your wedding.

We have also compiled a beauty checklist for brides. You’d find it useful!

For my hair’s length, colouring is available at SGD168, cut at SGD30, and the Anti-Ageing Treatment that was done after the cut and colour is at SGD140.

For Keith’s hair’s length, colouring is available at SGD60, cut at SGD20 and Scalp Treatment that was done after the cut and colour is at SGD88.


Ecorganics is located at 1 Thomson Ridge. It’s opened every day except Thursday, from 10am to 8pm. Call 6556-0521 for appointments.

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