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This (Pacman) analogy was given by Guerlain, referring to their Guerlain Super Aqua Serum, their bestseller for the last 25 years. Wonder why? Read on.

The Guerlain Super Aqua Serum has been widely used by Japanese women to hydrate their skin to reduce visible signs of aging.


Signs of Aging

Pinch the skin on your arm. Does it take long to bounce back to its original form when you let go? Can you see if there are lines when you pinch your skin? If yes, then your skin is dehydrated. When it is dehydrated, that’s when fine lines will start to appear.

Super Aqua

You probably already know, 70% of the body is water. When we drink enough water, it doesn’t only keeps us (and our skin, of course) hydrated, but it also helps to remove the toxins from our body. If you’re not drinking enough water, essentially it means that you have an overload of toxin build up in your body.

Here is where the Pacman analogy comes into play. Not only does Super Aqua help to rehydrate the skin, it also “eats up” the toxins that get trapped in our body – particularly our skin. Where does the toxins it has “eaten up” go then? Well, in 28-30 days upon using Super Aqua, the toxins will develop and become dead skin cells that you will eventually exfoliate away in your Skincare routine.

Guerlain_Night-Balm Guerlain_Super-Aqua-Gel


The Super Aqua line consists of a day cream, with variants made for combination to oily skin and normal to dry skin, as well as an eye serum and their latest product, the Super Aqua BB Cream.


What we think

Firstly, the smell of the super aqua line is DIVINE. Don’t worry though, despite the fragrance of the products, they are safe for sensitive skin. The formulas of the day and night creams are not oily at all and they sink into the skin really well.

As for the BB cream, we love it because it’s hydrating enough for you to skip moisturizer during the day! It’s hydrating factor also allows jet-setters to wear it on a flight and step out of the plane still looking like a superstar. It also has SPF 25 PA +++ and that’s always good for Singapore’s hot and humid weather. The only downside to the BB cream is that it’s only available in two shades: Light and Medium, but we’ve tried them and find that they can easily blend into different skin tones.

The Guerlain Super Aqua Day Cream and Day Gel retails at SGD171, Night Balm at SGD198 and the new BB Cream at SGD104.