What would you do if your air-conditioner at home broke down? Or if you wish to hire a private chef to cater for a small party of guests? How would you go about looking for a manicurist to drop by your place for a home visit service?

Most of us probably would search on Google, sprawl through many links that may or may not be relevant, read reviews from all over the world wide web, short list, and then contact the service provider. Total time taken? Anywhere between an hour and three hours, we estimate.


The newly-launched Page Advisor app can probably cut this time by more than half. A real-time mobile commerce services marketplace app, Page Advisor connects users to more than 4,500 merchants who offer specialised home and lifestyle services such as air-con technicians, private chefs, computer repair technicians, and even durian delivery men. There are plenty of beauty services you can book through Page Advisor too. You can be connected to mobile eye brow embroidery artists, manicurists, hairstylists, and masseuses, just to name a few. The types of services available for booking through the app are indeed very extensive.

page advisor beauty services

I booked a home massage through Page Advisor and this is how it worked
page advisor welcome page

The user interface is pretty intuitive and I could very quickly find what I wanted. Once I was on the home page, I tapped on “Request quotes” and was led to a page with several categories of services that I can opt for. I tapped on “Home massage”.

page advisor home screen more

Next, the app suggests a few types of massages that I may be interested in, then the app then asked me questions such as the number of people it is for, the duration I want, the number of sessions I’d like (yes, you can do a bulk booking if you wish). The app also provides the option for you to write further comments or even uploading a photo to give more information about the service you need. While it is probably less useful for a service like a massage, I believe it’ll be very useful for services like air-conditioner repair, or even makeup or manicure services (you can send photos of what looks you like).

page advisor service delivery

Then, you choose your preferred appointment time, and then specify a “bid period”.

page advisor bid period

This bid period refer to the amount of time you’re willing to wait for service providers to give their quotes. If it’s an urgent job, you might want to choose “3 hours” as your bid period, but for the massage service that I wanted, I picked “1 day”.

page advisor job posted

And then, all I need to do is to close the app and wait. An SMS from Page Advisor was sent to me when bids started to come in. During the bid period, I was able to see the quotes that had been offered but not the details of the vendors yet. I was only able to see the vendors’ description and reviews (left by other users) after the bidding window was over.

page advisor bid received

In the end, I received two quotes, and I went for Home Kneads, although their quote was slightly higher, because I felt that the description of service was something I prefer (they bring along a bed so they won’t dirty mine) and the review was better than the other vendor’s.

Here’s a concise explanation about how it works if you prefer to watch a video:

Home Kneads service review

On the agreed time and date, Home Kneads came by to my house with all the equipment that was needed. They even brought along some relaxing music to play while the massage is happening. Everything was set up properly and my therapist was definitely no less professional than the ones I’ve encountered in spas. It was very easy to forget that I’m actually in my house and not in a professional spa.


The best part about a home-based massage is that it saves me the time of travelling. I was literally working on an article up until the time the masseuse came, and could get back to it immediately after she left. The other thing that I really appreciate about a home visit is that, I was able to truly relax after a massage. Very often, when I had to visit a spa for my massage, I find myself feeling tired all over again because I had to commute back home – on a bus, MRT, or wait in the taxi queue. By the time I’m done with commuting, I often felt like I’ve undone whatever the massage has done for me. A home visit, on the other hand, helped me unwind totally.

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