Pastel colours have been the hottest hair trend this year, since the “Pantone gang” announced Rose Quartz and Serenity as colours of 2016. When the Daily Vanity team learned that L’Oreal Professional has launched the Majirel Pastel Babylights, we were excited to get summer-ready with this #Pastelicious colours!

What is Majirel Pastel Babylights?

This colour service launched by L’Oreal Professional is a collection of soft translucent browns with four cool pastel reflects – Rose, Lavender, Mint and Mineral. With these beautiful shades, your stylist can either give you a delicate, dimensional colour with the babylights technique (micro highlights) or bleach different sections of your hair to make the Pastel colours pop.

My hair colour was arranged to be done by Irene Chai, L’Oreal Professional’s ID Artist and General Manager of NK Hairworks. Her experience as a colourist and stylist prevented my once-bleached hair from further damage and gave me beautiful results based on my lifestyle.

LP pic w logo-13

Pastel Rose with Pastel Mineral

pastel mineral 2

Varying levels of Pastel Mineral for a multi-dimensional effect


IMG_9964 v2

IMG_0017 v2

In every hair colouring session, the first and most important thing to do is to have a consultation session where your stylist understands your expectations, hair type and hair condition. As sections of my hair was already bleached, Irene advised to do colour-blocking as the babylights technique may result in patchiness. Final decision: to create a peek-a-boo Pastel Rose with a cool-toned brown as base.

Lightening of hair

On Asians, bleaching is needed in order for the Pastel shades to show above our red hair pigments. As my main strips of my hair has already been bleached to achieve an ashy tone, removing the pigments in my hair without further damaging it was tricky. However, I was in trusted hands – Irene’s confident hands ensured my strands were still healthy and did not become “fuzzy”. Fuzziness occurs when your hair is over-bleached and the structures in your strands are broken down (beware as the effect is not reversible!).


IMG_0051 v2

IMG_0021 v2

The “feathering” technique was used when bleaching my hair to create an ombre effect, making growing out my hair colour more effortless.

Filling in the pastels

IMG_0110 v2

IMG_0112 v2

IMG_0138 v2

As my ash-tone sections carry a hint of blue, the final result was a pleasant surprise – look at the ash-blue with a shimmer of violet! In order to reveal my subtle Pastel Rose even more, Irene secured one side of my fringe into a plait. I was perfectly date-ready.


The end result was spectacular, yet understated. More than how the colour appears to be on the first day of dye, what matters more to me is whether the colour fades gracefully. Here’s how my hair looks like after 10 washes!

Even though the Pastel Rose has faded into a more ashy colour, it still has a hint of pink and does not look brassy at all. The blue strips also retained its brilliance. Look how complementary the colours are as they interweave in a French braid.

IMG_4995 v2

The Pastel Babylights collection has 12 pastel shades and is exclusive to the collection’s partner salons.

NK salon

IMG_0127 v2

NK Hairworks has eight outlets island-wide. This writer visited the Plaza Singapura outlet which is located at #B1-14, Plaza Singapura.